October 5, 2020

Hp B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp B Technical Data Manual. Items are supplied with manuals, accessories and typically a full no-quibble 2 year warranty. Our staff have extensive backgrounds in T&M, totalling over OPERATING AND SERVICE MANUAL PART NUMBER Instruments Covered by this Manual. HP Model A Signal Generator with .

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If a kit was not ordered with the Signal Generator as an option, it may be ordered through the nearest Hewlett-Packard office. To 10 kHz with uncalibrated output and modulation.

Step the frequency up 50 MHz to MHz, With each filter de-selected and its output centered on a spectrum analyzer display, the Notch Filter is then re-selected and adjusted for a minimum signal output on the spectrum analyzer.

Press the seqI key to recall the next set-up. Order HP part number ho Amplitude function remains selected until: To prevent this, a local lockout mannual recommended.

To clear this error condition enter a new carrier frequency in the correct band for the selected Peak Deviation, To automatically select the maximutn permitted Peak 88656b for the carrier frequency, press the FM, FMH or FM4 key.

The step attenuator switching time is on the order of 12 ms. Describes the feature or tunction. Detailed Operating Instructions Dlnstrations in this section of the manual, provide you.

Use the [ recall! The Signal Generator is protected against reverse power applications up to 50 watts. For information about the battery refer to Section 2. After the HP A has completed the file loading sequence, press the Done key. The waveform on the oscilloscope now is the peak-detected envelope.


Only one internal rate can be used at a time. Press the CaKbr Process key. Complete the entry in MHz or kHz. Procedure 1, Set the spectrum analyzer as follows: Full text of ” HP: Replace manuual bottom cover by reversing the procedure given in step b. A MHz signal source is applied 8656v the input of each filter and its output is connected to a spectrum analyzer. The five switches are labeled A1 through A5, where A1 is the least significant address bit and A5 is the most significant address bit.

This material may be reproduced by or for the U. This sets the two input signals to manjal mixer in phase quadrature. The output of the integrator is adjusted so that the bottom of the integrator waveform is Set the spectrum analyzer as follows: Amplitude Modulation See Table.

8656B Synthesized Signal Generator, 0.1 to 990 MHz

Software correction of amplitude with respect to frequency may cause the amplitude to be uncalibrated while manal frequency change occurs. The Remote message is comprised of 865b parts. Enter the numeric amplitude value. Select the measuring receiver high-pass filter for Hz and the low-pass filter for 3 kHz.

Indications The carrier frequency changes by the stored value of frequency increment. Removal of the Signal Generator top and bottom covers is required for most adjustments. Section 5 Adjustments, describes the adjustment procedures required to enable the instrument to meet the specifications 86566b in Tables through DC – 30 MHz. Connect the digital multimeter to the test points shown in the table below and adjust for a 0.


The remaining switch segments are used to invoke built-in service utilities.

Hewlett-Packard B Signal Generator

Only the Signal Generator, a bus controller, and an HP-IB interface with appropriate cabling are required to perform these procedures. Press the New Msrmnt key to begin the phase noise measurement. The bus is free, however, for communication between controller msnual other equipment. Depending on the use and environmental conditions, the Signal Generator should be checked using the following performance tests at least once each year.

The unique modular design and incorporated service features permit rapid and easy calibration and service. In any correspondence, refer to the Signal Generator by model number and full serial number.

Either upper or lower case letters can be used In Data messages, 4. DC FM peak deviation Data entries that would be out-of-range for the selected carrier frequency are rejected.

Adjust A14R16 – The signal is a low frequency signal moving around ground level.