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This chapter describes the boards supported by the BSC The BSC UUP (UMTS RNC user plane processing). -. -. 2 GE. 2 GE. Home/Groups/Wireless Network Info Community. BSC e BSC RNC in Pool. Armetta Diamond (1) 4 years 6 months ago View: Reply: 0. Comment. This program provides thorough understanding of 3G Technology, product and hardware description of Huawei RNC , with their data.

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Contact the Huawei Customer Service Center. NOTE To view the help information of the omutool, run the. All or part of the products, services and features described in this document may huaewi be within the purchase scope or the usage scope. If the status remains abnormal, check the transmission links by referring to Conventions Symbol Conventions The symbols that may be found in this document are defined as follows. Under the Finished Tasks node of the navigation tree, click the executed task.

Check whether the DIP switch on the subrack is set huawi configured.

For example, you can run the following command and then press Enter. The OML is functional, Go to step 7.

Double-click Press the primary mouse button twice continuously and huaewi without moving the pointer. For details, see the NE creating-related parts in M documents.

BSC e BSC RNC in Pool-Wireless Network Info Community-Huawei Connect

Step 5 Follow the suggestions to handle the alarm. Yes, Go to step 4. In the BSC commissioning scenario, set the maintenance mode to Install.


Go to step Step 2. Context l Currently, four maintenance modes are provided on the M Step 2 Create the NE health check task. The Detail dialog box is displayed. Double-click the newly-added NE on the left pane. If the status of LAPD links on the Abis interface is abnormal, check the transmission link by referring to The value of BC Service State is available. Drag Press and hold the huasei mouse button and huawie the pointer to a certain position.

The execution of the script may take a long time in GUI mode.

BSC6900 e BSC6910 RNC in Pool

Solutions When the user plane 6900 over IP transmission, handle the failure according to Table Right-click the corresponding task on the right and then click View Report from the shortcut menu. A dialog box is displayed, prompting that the NE health check scenario is set up successfully.

Table Methods for checking the status of transmission link in different transmission modes If the transmission on the interface is Then Procedure l When the data link layer of the Lb interface is carried on the Abis interface board, verify the Lb interface in the same way as for the Abis interface. Otherwise, severe errors may occur on the system.

In this case, install JRE according to the prompt message on the screen.

  JBL 2445J PDF

Compared with issue 05this issue excludes the following huaweei The value of State is Normal. Board status of other boards of Go to step 2.

Figure shows the commissioning process. Compared with issue 03this issue does not include any new topics. In this mode, the site engineer plugs the USB drive for commissioning into the OMU to complete the installation of the operating system. Click Upload on the right.

If the status remains abnormal, go to step 4. No board related fault alarm Go to step 8. The type of the board is correctly Go to step 6. The A interface verification varies according to the transmission mode of the A interface. The type of the board is Correct the board type and then reload the data to the incorrectly set, board. Go to Step 6. Compared with issue 05this issue does not include any new topics. The Time Setting dialog box is displayed. The basic services consist of speech service and data service.

The value of UsageStatus is Normal. The following takes one base station as an example to describe the commissioning process on the Abis interface. For details, see Table