July 22, 2021

HUBUD LUBUD DRILL 1 Quiz: Restricted Access. Please sign up for the course before taking this Quiz. HAMMERING WINGS · HUBUD LUBUD DRILL 2. This DVD goes into this Filipino empty-hand drill in detail. Contents include; Defining the Kali lubud/hubud drill, hammer/overhand cycle breakdown. Panantukan Filipino Boxing – Lesson 2 – Hubud Lubud – YouTube.

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But it is an important aspect because hubud crosses and uncrosses with each of the four moves. By exploring each quadrant on your own you do not need an instructor for this you find out what is available to you.

Does that make sense? So some of the redundancy is to get an angle and opening to bring in the knife. Its like doing Chi Sau where you only plan on punching with one hand. You really hit the nail on the head.

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While some redundancy is necessary as I’ve described, it can be overdone! March 25, at 3: I liked the flow of his P.

Hubud-Lubud Series: Locking & Manipulations — MKG Detroit

Just enter your name and email below:. But what if it is you that gets tied up? Hubud is most often learned in a seminar setting. In fact the ability to effectively switch is a gigantic, critical piece of the overall skill set.


Hubud can be a stand alone method or it can be a very slick trick to add onto an existing art such as karate, grappling, boxing or even football. Just slow it down some, take time to hkbud the quadrants lybud each of the four points and then have fun, explore and learn! The double tap is at the middle of the set. Very limited stuff – again the drill may not have much to offer at that limited point.

By comparison, a lot of the hubud changes seem like “chasing hands” from a WC perspective. It involves torque, body mechanics and sensitivity. It takes getting together with someone who does know the correct energies to fully learn the how, why and when of these energies.

Too many people can only do hubud on one side, usually the weapon bearing side. Timing, combat applications, rhythm and footwork all improve once you understand how to employ hubud as a ballistic overtraining device.

Hubud Lubud

The answer is noat least with respect to the drills commonly grouped under that term, and the way they are practiced. Many things begin to make sense that you were taught years earlier. And what if he is far enough away that he is feinting and taunting me with that long punch of his but can’t really reach me yet and I want to move in and make him pay for taunting me?


You see it is the weapon applications of hubud that encourages the lop-sided effect. Having no connecting right-left switch to link sides and skills.

Hubud lubud with slapping – Brazilian Black Belt

In the context of a stylized dojo I can understand how such training could evolve. I’d never heard of hubud lubud before so had to look it up just now. The energy is such a big part of hubud and it needs to be brought forth. Oct 29, Messages: At the time I felt they were beneficial.

For hhubud of us mere mortals, I find this approach to be very practical. If your goal is to increase skills that can be used in a real self defense situation, then your training drills should mirror what actually happens in a self defense situation as closely as possible.

Both of these skills can be trained exactly as they would be used in self defense, in a scenario based context. To have the moves, but lack the all critical “feeling”: Oct 4, 4. It’s an huud mistake that should be corrected.

Chi sao is a close quarter method only.