ISO 7816-1 PDF

ISO 7816-1 PDF


October 8, 2020

ISO uses the term, Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) to encompass all those devices where an integrated circuit is contained within an ISO ID1 identification card. Identification cards — Integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts — Part 1: Physical characteristics. ISO/IEC specifies the physical characteristics of integrated circuit cards with contacts. It applies to identification cards of the ID-1 card type, which.

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Unfortunately the French chip position overlaps the ISO magnetic stripe definition. The lower speed is most commonly used to date in Europe but this may change in the future. A mylar sheet is stuck to the back of the wafer so that following separation the dice remains attached to the isoo film. The important point is more concerned with reliability since clearly the larger die will be more prone to mechanical fracture. Related Posts Mondex Smart Card. The ICC really does provide a tamper resistant domain that is difficult to match with the somewhat larger security boxes that handle cryptographic processes.

ISO/IEC 7816

All of these memories described so far are non volatile. Ios security logic can be used to control access to the memory for authorised use only. Further problems arose in deciding on which face of the card the connector should be located.

Variation in thickness or even slight warping of the card can cause communications failure. Cards io contacts — Electrical interface and transmission protocols”.

Got Something To Say: The security advantage of the CPU device is of course more significant because the CPU is capable of implementing cryptographic algorithms in its own right, but we will discuss this in more detail in due course.

Interindustry data elements for interchange”. From the requirements individual specifications can be prepared for the chip, card, mask ROM software and the application software.


Conformance to ISO standards is also likely to be a requirement and in this area ISO – 3 Electronic signals and transmission protocols is the principle standard to be considered. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The standard requires the card to withstand 1, torsions without chip failure or visible cracking of the card.

The first three parts in particular are well established and allow total physical and electrical interoperability as well as defining the communication protocol between the IC card and the CAD Card Acceptor Device. More commonly the die are separated from the wafer by the use of a diamond saw.

Les cartes à puce – Historique

Most IC cards have a power consumption of between 10mA and 20mA at 3. One of the issues surrounding the use of the IC card relates to the temperature range for operational use. ISO3. As 78816-1 previously, security may be an important issue for the application and accordingly there may be extra requirements on the physical and logical security offered by the particular chip. More particularly the slot for a card may include an extra indentation for the embossed area of the card.

Created inamended in,updated in The bending properties are tested by deflecting the card on each axis as shown in figure 6. Organization, security and commands for interchange”. It is even proposed that the chip micromodule could be inserted in one step as part of the moulding process. This part specifies the requirements for iao characters on identification cards for the transfer of data by imprinters or by visual or machine reading.

These specifications are defined by ISO as part three of the standard.

This page was last edited on 19 Aprilat The ISO standard defines the location of contacts and dimensions. As we have already observed the serial communication is operated by the use of a single chip connector, where the direction of data transmission has to ios depending on whether the IC card or interface is transmitting data. In practice this cannot be instantaneous and the expression “line turnaround time” is commonly encountered in the modem world.


This latter process is usually referred to as card fabrication.

There are two commonly used clock speeds, 3. Retrieved 19 April It ay use biometric methods and standards to achieve personal identification. In each case the semiconductor wafer manufactured by the semiconductor isso is diced into individual chips.

The complete micromodule is then glued into the card which contains the appropriately sized hole. In particular the standard defines more precisely the physical dimensions of the card as follows: This applies as much to telephone cards as applications using ICCs for cryptographic key carriers. ISO Design and lso of identification cards having integrated circuits with contacts There are a number of factors to be decided in the specification of the integrated circuit for the Smart Card.

The control logic should not be overlooked as this is necessary not only for communication protocols but also to offer some protection of the memory against fraudulent use. According to its abstract, it specifies interindustry commands for integrated circuit cards both 716-1 contacts and without contacts for card and file ios, e.

The final operation in the manufacturing process is to enable the application for operation. The fabrication of a contactless card is somewhat different since it always involves a laminated card as shown in figure 5. This means that the line must change direction depending 78816-1 whether the IC is transmitting or receiving. This position is much closer to the longitudinal axis of the card.

Both of these parameters have problems. Although the PC operates in full duplex mode.