ISO 7816-2 PDF

ISO 7816-2 PDF


October 12, 2020

ISO/IEC specifies the dimensions and locations for each of the contacts on an integrated circuit card of an ID-1 card type. It also provides. ISO describes the physical characteristics of smart chip cards. It includes accommodation of exposure limits for electromagnetic phenomena such as. ISO is one of most important standards in the smart card industry. Parts of ISO specify physical characteristics, dimensions and location of the.

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Commands for application management in a multi-application environment”.

ISO part 2 smart card standard

Organization, security and commands for interchange”. Cards with contacts — Physical characteristics”. A card may support either but not both simultaneously. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

ISO/IEC 7816

The ISO standard specifies the physical characteristics of the card. The IC module in a Smart Card is like any other electronic component and is not normally expected to be hit with izo hammer at regular intervals.

It defines the standards for Application Identifiers which has two parts:. While this is certainly one way of comparing cards fabricated by different companies, whether it bears any relationship to the use of IC cards in the field seems debatable. The problems of interoperability start at the bottom, in other words with the physical dimensions of the card and the location of the contacts.


Unfortunately the French chip position overlaps the ISO magnetic stripe definition. The choice and conditions of use of cryptographic mechanisms may affect card exportability. ISO is a family of standards primarily dealing with aspects of smart card interoperability regarding communication characteristics, physical properties, and application identifiers of the ieo chip and data.

ISO – important industry standard for integrated circuit cards

This part of the standard has taken a lot of effort in order to reach agreement. As the title implies, this part of the standard specifies the location of embossed characters on an ID -1 card for which two areas are assigned.

Retrieved 19 April ISO Identification cards numbering system and registration procedure for issuer identifers It should be noted that the thickness dimension does not include any allowance for embossing. The ISO standard aligns with the use of two widely used external clock frequencies, 3.

The standard requires the card to withstand 1, torsions without chip failure or visible cracking of the card. This part specifies characteristics for a magnetic stripe, the encoding technique and coded character sets which are intended for machine reading. This application contains information on cryptographic functionality.

The transmission of a single character defined as 8 bits requires an overhead ixo several bits as follows: An annex is provided that shows how to control the loading of data secure download into the card, by means of verifying the access rights 78816-2 the loading entity and protection of the transmitted data with secure messaging. This anomaly has been a source of irritation and it is now widely agreed that the IC connector should be on the front of the card.


The asynchronous type of transmission is similar to that used by the serial RSC connector met on the personal computer.

Created inupdated in Data Layout on Magnetic Stripe Cards. The principal parameters of ISO are the dimensions of the ID -1 card which are defined to be, Area 1 is for the number identifying both the card issuer and the card holder.

The 7816 Standard

Two transmission protocols are included in it: ISO3. Given the close coupling normally achieved between an IC card and the interface device one has to question whether this level of error control has sufficient benefits to outweigh the disadvantages. Part 5 Location of read – write magnetic track – track 3.

The test voltage is defined to be 1. Personal verification through biometric ios. These commands cover the entire life cycle of the card and therefore some commands may be used before the card has been issued to the cardholder or after the card has expired.