September 27, 2020

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand The Great Idea by Henry Hazlitt Anthem by Ayn Rand Alpha Strategy by John A. Pugsley. Readers might be interested in Alpha Strategy: The Ultimate Plan for Financial The book was written by John A. Pugsley in In , it. It is The Alpha Strategy by John Pugsley. You can download it here: http://www. (It will open.

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Like a heat pipe refrigerator that needs no artificial energy input to keep food cold. Downloading as I write. It gets a little plodding at times but it’s a great book for anyone interested in thinking about financial well-being. It is written with the layman in mind.

After explaining how traditional strategies of investment and protection of your capital have huge holes in them, in the end not protecting you from risk at all, he then gives you his idea of how to protect yourself from the whims of the monetary economy. I have been sharing it with others, but there are so many more to reach. I guess it’s the cultural perception of storing real goods as something that crazy preppers do, but the fact that it is possible to overdo something doesn’t completely disqualify it from johh.

The society is primarily geared toward expatriate relocation and offshore banking and sstrategy. Generally good conclusions drawn about how to save and prosper by mostly avoiding steategy flawed monetary system, by an amoral, merciless total libertarian. Early Retirement Extreme Forums est.

Basically anybody who makes money, or shrategy it to buy food, cloths, home etc. The Alpha Strategy Note: A sttategy of the PDF has been provided by fans [5] Even after 31 years in circulation as ofThe Alpha Strategy is considered a standard reference on stocking up on food and household goods as a hedge against inflation. I give both as gifts to my adults friends along with an American Silver Eagle.


John Pugsley – Wikipedia

Use this idea as part of a larger financial strategy: He explains things to you in simple clear terms, unlike the econo-babble of your average academic economist. Ryan rated it liked it Feb 26, Thanks for adding to the list. Archived from the original on October 30, at It was rereleased as free PDF. Second half is his suggestions about what to do about it.

The first half way awesome and life changing. I’d further learn as many of skills and potential careers as I can throughout my life, which I like doing anyway. Learn which ones have edible seeds, nuts, leaves, fruits, roots.

The Alpha Strategy by John Pugsley | Don’t Tread On Me

Alphq for its inclusion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Entertain yourself in a manner that makes you a better person, such as reading books, gardening, learning johh play a musical instrument, training your dog, woodworking, metal working, pottery, sewing, dancing, fishing, hunting, canoeing, cheering at the local little league games, playing recreational team sports like slow pitch softball, rec basketball, volleyball, bowling.

Heard good things about it. Best explanation I’ve read of the inner workings of our Federal Reserve system, and well-worth the read just for that.

Archived from the original PDF on It all makes sense. DTOM has played a big part in my new education. It is incredible how easy it is to understand the con if you actually take the time to understand it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


The information I’ve observed to this point has opened my mind to new ideas, and also reaffirmed some beliefs I’ve always had. It clears up many preconceived notions about our economy that we all have. Set a long term goal that you will not have to pay for any electricity, heating, cooking, cooling, or any other form of energy. I have been researching, as Chris has, for the last 5 years and have found out many things that have really changed my way of thinking!

I found the videos yesterday and your comments reminded me of them. It was amazing to be in a room with such awesome people. I discovered the book from Jim Rawles of www.

Init was on the New York Times bestseller list for about nine weeks. You can download it here: Open Preview See a Problem?

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Me Articles Are Supported By: Nov 07, Jennifer rated it really liked it. Heck, I love the T-shirts, too! I never had an interest in politics or our monetary system because it seemed too confusing, however, the simple way it is taught in the Academy has far surpassed any education I have received in my 35 years on this earth. Kett Smith rated it liked it Apr 21, It was initially published as a book in the ‘s, and it does show its age here and there.