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Trouble with Lichen has ratings and reviews. said: ان جيلنا لا يعبأ بالتعاسة التي سيسببها..✒اللعنة على اطفال اطفالنا مادمنا نحن ع. Buy Trouble with Lichen: Classic Science Fiction by John Wyndham (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery. Trouble with Lichen [John Wyndham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Francis Saxover and Diana Brackley, two scientists investigating a.

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Who would want to live to be anyway?

Trouble with Lichen – Wikipedia

My new dream is to find a lichen that starts a feminist revolution. This site uses cookies. He had a great idea and executed it pretty well. Aldiss would later call “cosy catastrophes,” largely by dint of a quartet of highly successful novels from the previous decade.

Trouble with Lichen: John Wyndham: : Books

But a little light googling throws trounle Joanne Tope http: Francis, realising the implications for the world of an ever-youthful, wealthy elite, wants to keep it secret, but Diana sees an opportunity to overturn the male status quo by using the lichen to inspire a feminist revolution.

I wanted to see if I would like the book now that I could fully understand it. And it seems to me, too, that a man is not so constantly haunted by thoughts of time and age as woman is.

First published inthe story deals with the discovery of a rare lichen that slows down the ageing process – so that a human lifetime can be extended to or even years.


My recollection of those novels was that they were enjoyable but tended to have poor endings, as if Toruble had said what he wanted, got bored and just truoble. See all 19 reviews. More like a 3. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. What was it worth? I thought the amount of dialogue in Trouble with Lichen was a bit excessive.

Be a global citizen.

Diana tries to cover up the real source of the drug, since the lichen is very rare and difficult to grow, but when it is finally discovered she fakes her own death in the hope of inspiring the women of Britain to fight for the rights she tried to secure for them. And for feminism it’s a highly questionable form of it.

This page was last edited on 21 Octoberat ttrouble At least the characters being subjected to this disquisition got a witth luncheon. And in some ways, although we’ve moved on since the s, some of these issues still ring true.

The book is a feminist tract, following the career of a strong, intelligent, visionary biochemist who uses the discovery of a lichen with anti-aging properties to start a revolution in the prospects for wundham not seen since the movement for universal suffrage.

Jan 12, Arielle Walker rated it really liked it Shelves: And three days later Jane had bullied Francis into giving her wkth implant, sold the implant to an interested party in part-exchange for a fake, which failed to deceive Paul, and left him for good.

This was a bookstravaganza book where only one person voted on the books.

Penguin UK September 23, Language: The depiction of the press and their battle for scoops and headlines is terrific, the kind of social history I spend my professional life looking for in literature.


See 1 question about Trouble with Lichen…. To the point where it can be used for people to be able to live several hundred years. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I still consider it one of his lesser books – it’s also quite short – but much more enjoyable than, say, Chocky.

Published May 31st by Penguin Books Ltd first published Diana is considered odd because although she is attractive, she does not want to marry.

Definitely not ‘gay’ as in cheerful satire. I was expecting something along similar lines — an out of control plant species runs amok, humanity is threatened, and we are forced to face the moral questions that come along with fighting for survival in an increasingly cruel world.

Published March 30, And, moreover, the British satiric tradition, when it addresses anything progressive, tends to poke fun at it.

All in all, if you like the blurb, read it.

Characters often un-named are left to discuss the evolving events as representatives of an entire social class or profession or sex, reminding me of the general passages in The Grapes of Wity such as the salesman who can’t get enough jalopies to shift on to migrating Oakies.