July 14, 2021

Did you know that you can embed PDF files in content just like you put flash and other media? Well, this plugin from Techjoomla does exactly that – it allows you. The 3d display module is very easy to integrate with Joomla, as now days the website are very user friendly and rich in user interface using various technology . Phoca PDF plugin is a part of Phoca PDF framework, which is a component for Joomla!. After installing this component you need to install and enable Phoca.

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Ease of use I seemed to be easy to use.

Once you read the short documentation it’s a visoinneuse. Canva is an awesome cloud service that lets you create spectacular image with little or no design expertise. In most cases you don’t need technical knowledge to use the Posted on 07 November It can be useful for creating products presentations, portfolio, showing latest news and others.

Customers will have a more holistic view of your product. Use to display PDF documents from own web site rather than google docs.

PDF and Office Document Viewer

Return to top By Techjoomla. I used this to: With its drop dead good looks, super intuitive drag and drop designer, ability to use free as well as super cheap paid graphic elements including stock photos to create classy graphics, its extremely powerful. Plus users can also add comments and personal notes against the content and add it to their own Like lists for better organisation.


Main features provides statistics of test results allows to group tests via categories supports sub-categories supports ability to limit actions on backend for users from selected user groups provides number of predefined types of questions possible share re But my hopes is to get away from PDFs eventually since blog views look ugly with the viewer bars etc.

So simple and works perfectly peebee10 You can load images from your server, from Flickr or Picasa. New version is ready. Not rated 2 reviews.

You can have visionneise look at the documentation again. ARI Fancybox By ari-soft. Nov 18 License: The 3d display module is very easy to integrate with Joomlaas now days the website are very user friendly and rich in user interface visionbeuse various technology to produce optimized solutions for your website visitor so to extend the user experience on your website we moved to one level up by providing 3 dimensional view on your website.


PredWeb 3D Viewer

I’m a happy user! Ease of use Very easy to use.

SocialAds is an extremely powerful and scalable advertising solution which brings the best innovations in online advertising to the Joomla World. Content is shown as flip book. By using Google Docs Viewer it’s possible to quickly view documents online visionneue leaving browser. Render only when control triggered by user input.

This plugin let visualize my documents in the jookla of my website. ARI Slick Gallery module provides possibility to create awesome photo gallery based on images from specific folder s.

Google Docs Viewer

Not rated 1 review. Open the document that you want to embed. MailAlerts is great for Intranets, S This product works exactly as expected and makes it a breeze to embed Google docs like spreadsheets, etc. I want to show a Google Spreadsheet on my website.

I have tried to get this to work but, it’s simply not working. New version of the extension is ready.