September 26, 2020

tax cuts to encourage Americans to work harder. Au contraire wrote Dr. Juliet. B. Schor in The Overworked American, which briefly made the nonfiction best-. THE OVERWORKED AMERICAN The Unexpected Decline of Leisure. By Juliet B . Schor. pp. New York: Basic Books. $ Text: AROUND. This pathbreaking book explains why, contrary to all expectations, Americans are working harder than ever. Juliet Schor presents the astonishing news that over.

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The book contains numerous surprises. Upscaling, Downshifting and the New Consumer. Geez, if I think I’m resentful of long hours I’ve worked, imagine being a person who has never had a clock, whose day was organized by sun and moon, and then some slave-driving employer installs a clock in town and is counting their time! This book is important because it drives the point home about how much has been taken from us in t As others have mentioned, this book feels dated because it was written in the late s.

And what can we do oberworked get off the treadmill? This book is important because it drives the point home about how much has been taken from us in the buying of our time; how overworkev time corporate thieves have stolen; and how much of our own suffering we permit.

This book is quite dated, which jkliet not a problem, except that now I’m fascinated to understand how the incredible rise in income inequality during the iuliet and the American cognitive surplus interplay with the trends that Dr. May 08, corky rated it it was amazing.

Jan 31, Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: Should be required reading. This is a great read. I was even all right with her smerican solutions for the problem, mainly a matter jupiet the government passing laws to restrict work hours.

However, when she tried to summarize what she called “neo-classical economics” by saying that it proposed that workers make their own choices freely, I KNOW she is oversimplifying conservative tenets.

All I can think of is that it was because of a shift in the types of jobs people hold–in the 60s, maybe more people were americah in As other reviewers have noted, the statistics in this book, though dated at this point, are fascinating. I love Juliet Schor. May 15, Melissa rated it liked it Shelves: Jun 01, Willa rated it really liked it Shelves: Just chill out, everybody.


Page aptly describes my experiences with the social side of working less: Business leaders’ class instinct tells them that lasting full employment is unsound from their point of view and that unemployment is an integral part of the normal capitalist system. Clear, lucid sociology showing how the personal is political. The author does her homework and makes a good composite picture of wmerican signs of the times.

In addition, the author offers practical suggestions to help spark the debate on the improvement of the quality of life for all Americans. Long hours keep unemployment high. We could all put in 20 years on the job – just about any job – and retire with full pension!

Fortunately, the author has published similarly themed books more recently. However, if I read it right, the number of hours per week that Americans worked increased only slightly in the time overorked she studied–the real increase was in the number of weeks they worked, and she never really explained or speculated on the reasons for this.

The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline Of Leisure – Juliet Schor – Google Books

This is dated now, but still has a lot of interesting points – some of which I agree with and some I don’t. The Overworked American is a well-researched, but dense economic history of the our struggle with the tradeoff between time and money. Is this what our country has Interesting reading, but would be more so if there were not burdened down with so many statistics.

An approachable, mostly statistics-based analysis on American work habits over the past century. I think that when the government meddles it often makes the problem worse rather than better because the government in our nation functions as a monolithic and inefficient corporation in its own right.


I have edition. I read another one by the same author, called The Overspent American, and I found it worthwhile, so that is why I picked up this one, especially because of the subtitle. She also did work on the political economy of central banking. Nov 14, Harry Klinkhamer rated it liked it.

I felt I had to become self-employed to control my time, taking a very hard line. Standards of mothering grew more rigorous. This book inspired me to be that slacker that I am. I notice that unlike, Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich, this book has not generated a lot of debate and commentary. Feb 11, Kaethe rated it really liked it Shelves: Jan 20, Eric Bell rated it it was amazing.

The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline Of Leisure

I learned interesting facts about work habits and our culture that are highly relevant to life, health and happiness but ovefworked never mentioned in any text or lecture during my four years as a business major. Earlier in her career, her research focussed on issues of wages, productivity, and julief. Want to Read saving…. Could have been better if the beginning of the book was shorter there’s a lot of discussion of stats and estimates of stats and how she arrived at her numbers, other surveys of working hours, etc.

May 11, April rated it it was ok. Apr 19, Leslie Edwards added it. This book is a launching pad into new areas of research in the fields of sociology, psychology and e A ground-breaking study on working America that is well-researched and practical. Jul 02, Les Wolf rated it it was amazing. This pathbreaking book explains why, contrary to all expectations, Americans are working harder than ever.

To ask other readers questions about The Overworked Americanplease sign up. Aside from being a bit old, this book takes a comprehensive look at modern working habits and compares that with several key points in history.