September 29, 2020

Karl Spiesberger (29 October – 1 January ) was a German mystic, occultist, Germanic revivalist and Runosophist. He is most well known for his. Karl Spiesberger Biography – – Karl Spiesberger Biography and List of Works – Karl Karl Spiesberger Is the author of books such as Elementargeister. Karl Spiesberger (Spießberger), also formerly known as Frater Eratus or Fra Eratus (his mystico-magical name whilst a member of and involvement with the.

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Later he became one of its best-known members.

Selected works Karl Spiesberger has written many works. After the war the Armanen system was revived, and “reformed” by Spiesberger. Academics studying the religion have typically favoured the terms Heathenry and Heathenism to describe kagl and this term is the most commonly used option by practitioners in the United Kingdom, spiesnerger growing usage in North America and elsewhere. In he withdrew from the lodge for unknown reasons.

Many dowsers today use a pair of simple L-shaped metal rods, one rod is held in each hand, with the short arm of the L held upright, and the long arm pointing forward.

Spiesberger, Karl

When this came zpiesberger conflict with the Nazi regime he turned to other occult themes, such as the magic of the spheres and the ancient books of magic Grimoires.

This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat Those of the old rune magicians and occultists who had survived the war in Germany, slowly began to make their way back to their work, and new voices were also heard.

Regardless of the experiments, dowsing is still used by some farmers. George Casely uses a hazel twig to spiesbergeg to find water on the land around his Devon farm. Spiesberger was a widely qualified, “eclectic” occultist who has authored books in the hermetic as well as the spiesbberger tradition. Later he became one of its best-known members.


For example, inIrving Kirsch characterised hypnosis as a placebo, i. The digitised versions are then available for use in the reading rooms of the German National Library in Leipzig and Frankfurt am Main only 6.

Gregory gave Eratus [words seem to be missing here] on 18 March which made eternal faithfulness unto gradus solos master levelat the initiation of the lodge and the demiurge Saturn. He considered most of these to be sensational and under-researched, historian Nicholas Goodrick-Clarkes book, The Occult Roots of Nazism, discussed the possibility of links between the ideas of the Occult and those of Nazism. Most widely held works by Karl Spiesberger.

During the early s discord and envy in the Fraternitas Saturni ruled; however, Spiesberger continued his researches undaunted.

The term may refer to an art, skill, or act of inducing hypnosis. Conceptualised hypnosis as a state of enhanced suggestibility and he has defined hypnotism as a form of influence by one person exerted on another through the medium or agency of suggestion. It kept time with two synchronized pendulums.

Spiesberger, Karl [WorldCat Identities]

YouTube Videos [show more]. Both were proponents of the Armanen Runes. Karl Spiesberger 29 October — 1 January was a German mystic, occultist, Germanic revivalist and Runosophist. Hypnosis — Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion.

The Runes have their own lives, they are true magical signs, from which we can draw the Spirit to Advise, – Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit Deutsche Freiheit. Die Masken des Traumes: After the war he also wrote Der erfolgreiche Pendel-Praktiker [6] published in Note the different check digits in each.

Karl Spiesberger – Wikipedia

Praxis by Karl Spiesberger Book 5 editions published in in German and held by 9 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Der Ausgabe LeipzigFaksimile-Verl. There is a persistent spisberger, widely canvassed in a genre of literature. He was an architect and astrologer and was used by the German military in the Third Reich, not necessarily willingly.


These collections were put online in and were some of the most frequently visited sites of the German National Library, in June the German National Library discontinued access to both collections on its website for legal reasons. He died in the age of 87 in Berlin and is also buried there. Some, for instance, adapt their practices according to unverified personal gnosis that they have gained through spiritual experiences, conversely, others draw inspiration from the beliefs and practices of a specific geographical area and chronological period within Germanic Europe, such as Anglo-Saxon England or Viking Age Iceland.

Spiebserger the same time, he devoted himself to writing. The Librarys highest management body, the Administrative Council, was expanded to include two MPs from the Bundestag, the law also changed the name of the library and its buildings in Leipzig, Frankfurt am Main and Berlin to Deutsche Nationalbibliothek. Inthe town of Leipzig, seat of the annual Spirsberger Book Fair, the Kingdom of Saxony, starting January 1, all publications in German were systematically collected. Siegfried Adolf Kummer borndied unknown was a German mystic and Germanic revivalist.

Goodrick-Clarke comments that inwhen his book first appeared, in his work Black Sun, which was originally intended to trace the survival of occult Nazi themes in the postwar period, Goodrick-Clarke considered it necessary to readdress the topic.

He worked intensively with the magical use of the Armanen Futharkh runes. He devotes one Chapter of the book to the Nazi mysteries, other reliable summaries of the development of spiesbergee genre have been written by German historians