November 15, 2020

Kate Mosse’s first venture into commercial fiction, Labyrinth, is set to be this summer’s doorstep beach-read, says Geraldine Bedell. Kate Mosse is an author and broadcaster. She is the presenter of BBC4’s Readers and Writers Roadshowand guest presents Saturday Review for Radio 4. July In the Pyrenees mountains near Carcassonne, Alice, a volunteer at an archaeological dig, stumbles into a cave and makes a startling discovery-two.

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I lzbyrinth read The Da Vinci Code, but given that it was impossible to avoid or ignore, I understand both books tackle some similar themes.

I always thought the Da Vinci Code’s protagonist was a bit thick. Secondly, the characterisation is very strong and you actually feel for all the characters in one way or another. It is questionable that anybody in the history of creation ever spoke like this. I also thought that if such a thing as a Grail— grail —did exist then it would be as much of a curse as a blessing and there would be katee serious purpose to it, a reason why one person mossee chosen and another not.

Also, where is that author, because she needs a good shaking. So WHY can I not put the book down? I first heard the author on radio and read it with huge admiration under the misapprehension that the supermodel and single mum Kate Moss had found time to research and write it it’s weighty. Labyrinth is an archaeological mystery English-language novel written ,abyrinth Kate Mosse set both in the Middle Ages and present-day France.

Labyrinth is, in some ways, my love letter mmosse Carcassonne—even though it took me some to realise what I wanted to write—and the mountains, hills, rocks, woods are as much characters in the story as the people, labhrinth and imagined. In the Pyrenees mountains near Carcassonne, Alice, a volunteer at an archaeological dig stumbles into a cave and makes a startling discovery-two crumbling skeletons, strange writings on the walls, and the pattern of a labyrinth; between the skeletons, a stone ring, and a small leather bag.


How are the two novels alike and different?

Labyrinth (novel) – Wikipedia

Why did the father hate Guilhem du Mas? Feb 26, Tiffany rated it it was ok.

You close kafe review with: Her characters are poorly developed, largely one-dimen This pulled at me and repulsed me simultaneously. Open Preview See a Problem?

If we are simply walking a path preordained, then all the experiences that make us who we are – love, grief, joy, learning, changing – would count for nothing. The writing was labyrinty, the plot completely over-blown and all over the place, and the characters were pitifully one-dimensional.

Labyrinth Reader’s Guide

There are those for whom holiday reading means revisiting the entire works of Dostoevsky or reassessing Heidegger, but for a larger number, holidays are an excuse for indulgence, and only labydinth thumping doorstep of a racy moxse will do, preferably with plenty of mystery and exotic locations.

The book, he says, contains the secret of the true Grail, and the ring, inscribed with a labyrinth, will identify a guardian of the Grail. One in the past within one of the Cathars’ last standing fortresses the Cathars were Christians considered heretics by the Catholic church for no aligning with the rites and rituals of Rome, and for not recognizing the Pope as supreme leader.

I am capable of working that out for myself is so bad you want to throw the book across the floor but sadly the plot is so gripping that you have to read it until the very end.

Castles in the air

I guess my main issue is that there were so many characters, not enough story line, and then loose ends. It’s poorly written and badly edited. Like some of the other reviews, there were times I liked the story and there were other times where I was just down right bored. March 4, at About Labyrinth July Published February 6th by Berkley Books first published Archaeology brain overrides weekend sofa surfing brain on kahe review though because this book sailed a lxbyrinth too close to the chick-lit equator for me and that is an invisible line that I sail across with great caution.


Mar 07, Pages.

Several legends have been told about the Cathars, including that they practiced ancient mystical rituals an For a long time, The Da Vinci Code put me right off books about the Cathars or the Holy Grail, so I was hesitant to pick up Kate Mosse’s book. Many thanks to their original creators. They were either perfect good people or perfect villians and she spent too much time with physical descriptions. There’s real history in there, too. I’ve read a lot of books on the Holy Grail in my time some may say an obsessive amount, I prefer to think of myself as thorough from Le Morte D’Arthur to The Da Vinci Code and sadly this falls into the latter category.

Many of us are also fascinated by the way that history becomes myth, myth becomes legend. To add insult to injury, the parallels between medieval and modern characters are decorated with sparkling neon lights as opposed to subtle prose, and induce far more rolls of the eyes than smiles of recognition. Alais couldn’t think for herself. Try looking at a map of Paris at the very least before writing about the City. Apr 28, Jim rated it really liked it Recommends it for: