September 27, 2020

KLEENGUARD* A80 Chemical Permeation & Jet Liquid Coveralls & Accessories. Product Information. Zipper Front, Elastic. Wrists, Ankles & Hood. Code. The Kimberly-Clark Kleenguard A80 chemical-resistant coverall is made of saranex 23p, comes in white and meets AATCC , ASTM D , ASTM F. KLEENGUARD* A80 Garments are made from a laminate of barrier film and a non-woven fabric. The non- woven fabric will be treated for antistatic to meet the.

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Estimated number of employees. The A80 coveralls feature Reflex design, which offers excellent fit and freedom of movement.

This kleengguard also recommends which option would realize the most savings. Use the Calculator below to obtain usage estimates for this product. Print each tab with the button in the lower right. Instructions for using the Operating Cost Analysis Tool. Are there any rags that are unusable for your application? How many boxes of rags do you purchase each month? Rental Shop Towels – Cost Calculator.

CO2 Emissions Per Changeout lbs. The system airflow rate is set at a default equal to cfm multiplied by of Filters. Number of 8 hour shifts per day 1 2 3.

Number of guests kpeenguard room average. Subtotal Annual Filter Cost. To reset only the input fields, use the “Default Input” button. Making the right Personal Protection choice is difficult.


The “Calculations” section displays the calculated data based on the input data. What is your disposal fee associated with contaminated rags?

Click To Begin Live Chat. E-mail Subject Klfenguard Body Thought you might find this page of interest!

This model features elastic wrists and ankles and a respirator-fit hood designed for compatibility with complementary PPE. Use the print button of your web browser to print in color. Estimated Filter Life months. The “Summary Data” section displays a comparison of the results for each option. What is your purchase price for a box of rags? Energy Consumption Per Filter kWh. Protecting My Eyes and My Future read more.

Energy Cost Per Filter kWh. Not a number NaN and infinity values indicate an error. If fields are left blank or as zeros the data will not be complete. Safety and Productivity Go Hand in Hand read more. Wiper Savings Calculator vs.

Annual C02 Emissions lbs. These calculations are use to create the Summary Data. The Kleenguard A80 material is made of Saranex P film, laminated to a durable fabric, which provides a soft, cloth-like feel against the skin.

Kimberly-Clark Kleenguard A80 Chemical Permeation & Jet Liquid Protection Coveralls

Number of staff members estimate. Visit Products or Contact Us for more details. Graph Data – a graphical comparison of the initial and energy costs for each option. To change this default, simply enter the actual system airflow in this field and do not keenguard the ” of Filters” field. Number of annual workdays.


If necessary, you may change the default data that automatically appears in the input fields.

This will print the text in black and white. Please complete one of the following. Input Data – raw data used in the calculations – Section 2: Output Data – calculated data based on Operating Cost formulas – Section 3: Not finding kleengurad Product Name or Code?

Hours in Operation Per Day.

KleenGuard™ A80 Chemical Permeation & Jet Liquid Protection Coveralls

KleenGuard Personal Protective Equipment PPE enables rather than inhibits — allowing for maximum productivity and safety for you and your employees. Total Annual Operating Cost. Day in Operation Per Year system.

The Operating Cost Analysis Tool is divided into four sections: Number of school days GPR.