October 15, 2020

INSTALLATION MANUAL. KLN 90B. GPS RNAV. MANUAL NUMBER REVISION 5 April, COMPONENT MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR THE KLN 90B GPS RNAV. *- pages revised in latest version. Page LEP F-Foldout pages Print. View and Download Honeywell KLN 90B installation manual online. GPS RNAV. KLN 90B GPS pdf manual download.

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If the waypoint is correct, then press E a sec- ond time to confirm the waypoint page. Got it, continue to print. General Information Honeywell warranty. Don’t show me this message again. Select the FPL 0 page of the 9b side.

The Ndb Page 3. If a waypoint page containing a latitude and longitude ,anual displayed instead of the above text, the identifier entered already exists in the user database. Turn on the computer being used for the database update. After displaying the SET 8 page on the left side, press the kn C to turn on the left cursor function.

The active flight plan is the only flight plan available when there is no database cartridge. The Fuel Management 5.

Coax open or shorted. You can also calculate an estimate of the fuel required to the selected waypoint. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

The kit and a complete list of the items contained in the kit is given below. Confirm the 5 volts at the RF signal from the antenna end. This is done by pulling on the right inner knob to place it 9. If a mistake was made and you do not wish to delete this waypoint, press. The KLN 90B will not allow the unit to go into the approach active mode until conditions improve.


The Super Nav 1 Page 3. DIS is a method of adding waypoints to a flight plan. The Super NAV 1 page contains nm 3: Editing A Sid Or Star 3. Page 27 use airspace. Turn the right outer knob one step clockwise to move the cursor to the second character and then use the right inner knob to select the second character. For this reason it is better to delay selecting approaches that contain DME arcs until manul aircraft is closer to the destination.

Page The active flight plan is the only flight plan available when there is no database cartridge.


That is, all of the informa- APR The Super Nav 5 Page 3. The 90bb will be loaded into the active flight plan just like any other approach would be. All navigation data presented outside this area is automatically refer- enced to true North unless a manual input of magnetic variation is made on the SET 2 page. Of course, your trips with the KLN 90B will be substantially shorter and the desired track will probably change only a few degrees.

BendixKing KLN 90B User Manual

A manhal message annunciator may also be installed in the aircraft instru- ment panel. The cursor will be over the first character in the waypoint identifier.

The Supplemental Waypoint Page sup 5. You may program the vertical ascent or descent refer- encing this waypoint or you may enter the identifier for any waypoint in the active flight plan which is Unlike any other pages, these pages may be selected and viewed on both the left and right sides of the screen.

Don’t have an account? Nearest” And “complete” Waypoint Scan Lists 3. Selecting An Approach 6. By pressing the GPS APR button, the unit will be able to restore navigation information so that you can conduct a missed approach based on navigation information provided by the KLN 90B. Or the KLN 90B may be interfaced with an external tone generator installed in the aircraft.


International airport will be used as an example of how to 1: The waypoint that was active in Leg mode prior to the mode change remains the active waypoint in OBS mode. Once programmed, this information will The SET 4 page may be changed by pressing the left C while the SET 4 page is displayed on the left side and then rotating the left inner knob.

Activating An Numbered Flight Manusl page allowing creation of a user defined waypoint will appear on k,n right side. Page 32 pages, all having the same page number, used to present KMKC all of the required information. In order to use this update method you must have access to an IBM compatible computer having a disk drive capa- ble of using and booting loading from 3.

The Airport 6 Page apt 6 3. Creating A Vor User Waypoint 5. The KLN 90B and the mounting rack have been designed to nanual for easy removal. Antenna Selection T-tail of the aircraft, where shadows could occur.

The Airport 5 Page apt 5 8. Page must be the displayed navigation source on the external indicator.