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Zygmunt Kruczek at Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego im. Bronisława Figures – uploaded by Zygmunt Kruczek [w:] Kompendium pilota wycieczek,. red. Recommended reading list: k, Pilotaż wycieczek zagranicznych; Z. Kruczek. Kompendium pilota wycieczek; , Poradnik pilota; 2. Kruczek Z., (red.) , Kompendium pilota wycieczek. Wydawnictwo Proksenia, Kraków. 3. Kruczek Z., (red.) , Jakość usług w pilotażu i przewodnictwie.

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Particular attention has been paid to the organization, forms and tools used for its promotion. This paper presents the operation of the Salt Mine at Wieliczka as a complex tourist enterprise. Based on the results of a survey the article assesses the framework project in the context of its suitability for shaping the quality of staff training in the areas related to tourism. The aim of the project is to present the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the tourism industry.

Armina Mikosa von Rohrscheidt. Exotic cultural tourism trends, tour operators, participants more. They also show what impact the above changes exert on the competitiveness of the spa region. Selected Research Tools and Techniques A. The participation of disabled persons in tourists trips is a constantly growing phenomenon.

One distinguishes many different categories of tourist product; one of them is the service of a tourist guide and tour leader. In the article, the authors take on the controversial topic of sex tourism by describing the ethical and not only ethical conditions of this phenomenon.

In the following work, the kompfndium have attempted to use R. Tourist Guidance in Poland after Deregulation. The process of creation and operation of amusements parks has been illustrated on the example of the Euro Disney Resort, whereas the process of globalization has been shown on the example of the operation of the world leader in the sphere of amusement parks pioota the Walt Disney corporation.


Skip to main content. Tourist attractions are the main feature of a tourism product. In the article the authors present the organizational conditionings which relate to taking care of such groups, the preparation of the personnel to such work and the necessary technical conditions wycjeczek have to be fulfilled.

The latter ones attract over million visitors worldwide. Together with the changes which are currently taking place in world tourism, the social and professional roles of tourist guides are also undergoing a process of gradual transformation. The role of local and region-al government in the creation and management of cultural routes has been pointed out.

Zygmunt Kruczek | University of Physical Education in Cracow –

Piloci i przewodnicy na styku kultur, ed. Basic methods of research of visitors to attractions were discussed as well as the marketing methods used in the study of tourist attractions, research tools and examples of their use were indicated. The text touches upon the issue of the specific character of exotic trips as well as the rules for organizing such trips.

Tourism and Tourism, Museums, Tourist Attractions. Educational tourism is often using for its own benefit schemes created by cultural routes. Because of the range of promotional activities used the mine is presented as a model of effective promotion. Tourism Studies and Education. This article describes the environmental conditions of Antarctica that decide its attractiveness for tourists, as well as its political and legal status.

Among various conditions for the development of modern tourism, tourist attractions play wyccieczek key role: Geography and Tourism Studies. Marketing Research on Attraction Quality A.


An important problem for the development of tourism in kompencium polar regions is the determination of the limit of tourist traffic that these regions can accept, without risking the degradation of the environment.

Click here to sign up. Structure, trends and prediction of development more.

The Typology of Tourist Attractions 1. TurystykaMuzeumand Atrakcje Turystyczne. Tourism in Scientific Research eds. Remember me on this computer.

Kruczek, Zygmunt

By the middle of the second decade of the 21 st century, the number of tourists in the Antarctic region exceeded 40 thousand, which seems to be the largest figure the ” boom phase ” in the Butler cycle in sheer numbers, and which resulted in the introduction of less tourist-friendly behavior, from the point of view of environmental protection.

The MS assessment carried out by a team of auditors using a special-purpose questionnaire gauging 40 features under analysis concerned seven component parts of a museum its surroundings, entrance, exhibits, shop, gastronomic facilities, lavatories, promotion. In this paper the authors analyze the importance of cultural differences for international tourism. Tourism potential of countries in European Union.

The author discusses the role and tasks of the tourist guides as well as the factors determining the occurrence of the tourist guide service within the structure of the regional tourist product. Analyze of existing delimitations, attempt of isolation of regions, sub regions and tourism areas.

Kruczek, Zygmunt [WorldCat Identities]

Ethics and Cultural Tourism. The Semantic Differential Test B. This paper proposes a