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Operating instructions, Kx-ta, Kx-ta • Read online or download PDF • Panasonic KX-TA User Manual. Panasonic KX-TA • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Installation Manual MODEL. KX-TA KX-TA Please read this manual before connecting the Advanced Hybrid System. System Highlights System Capacity.

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Index L Last Number Redial Backup Batteries Connection 2. Features Call Transfer — to Extension Allows an extension user to transfer a received call, an intercom or an outside call, to another extension. Features External Feature Access Allows an extension user to access special features e.

Confirm that dialing can be done from all the extensions using a touch-tone telephone. Attach the 2 extension connectors kx-ta6166 the system first, install the KX-TA and secure the jx-ta616 screws.

Bocsh electric tools Makita electric tools. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Please read this manual before connecting. Before Installation It is preferable not to install the system in the same room with the above equipment.

Maximum cable length The maximum length of the doorphone and door opener line cord which connects the system is as follows.

The following types are available. To enable it, select the required flash signal sending time for an outside CO line. System Programming Section 4 System Programming All incoming calls are forwarded to another extension when the extension user does not answer within the programmed time in [] or when the extension is busy. Security and alarm systems Car. Outgoing Message ogm Features Outgoing Message OGM Allows the extension assigned as an operator or manager to record up to 2 outgoing voice messages maximum 30 seconds each.


Free online library on electronics. Enter the DISA phone number. Hunting Group Set []-[] System Programming [] Hunting Group Set Enables or disables automatically locating an manal extension in the same extension group as the dialed extension, when the called extension is busy.

Page 7 Contents Conference 3-Party External Pager Paging Equipment Connection There are 3 modes as follows. Telephone number 32 digits max. Near the protector 2 Check obstructions. Volume Control Features Volume Control Allows a proprietary telephone user to adjust the following volumes, as necessary, by adjusting the corresponding levers or pressing the corresponding buttons.

Intercept or Disconnect is available. This feature is not available for a single line telephone. Resets all data to the default settings except for the data of the following 4 parameters.

Panasonic KX-TA616 Manuel D’Utilisation

Complete all the required extension wiring. Hold recall a ring tone or an alarm tone is heard when the timer expires. Busy Call Is Intercept Routing employed? The saved number can be redialed until another number is stored. Change [] System Password Default Parameter: For the sales division, press 1. Features Call Park Allows an extension user to place a held call into a system parking area.

Panasonic KX-TA User Manual | pages

The user can carry out this feature by entering their extension password, instead of an account code, before dialing the telephone number. Features Hookswitch Flash Flashing the hookswitch is used to allow a single line telephone user to hold a call for transferring or holding, if the flash time is within the assigned time in program [].


Index N Night Button Opening ,anual Top Front Kx-tta616 When the time expires, the system starts to redirect the call to kx-ta166 programmed extension s. Wall Mounting This set is designed for wall mounting only. Personal Speed Dialing Features Paralleled Telephone Connection Any analog proprietary telephone can be connected in parallel with a single line device, such as a single line telephone, facsimile and data terminal.

The held call can be retrieved by the user who held it, or by any other extension Call Hold Retrieve.

Don’t show me this message again. Features Outside CO Line Ringing Selection When an outside call is received at an extension, the user can select whether their extension will ring or not. Important Information Satisfactory performance cannot be guaranteed for each combination of host and subsidiary equipment. Disable Extension jack no. When an manusl outside call is received, the Precaution To protect the printed circuit boards P-boards xk-ta616 static electricity, do not touch parts on the P-boards in the main unit and on the kx-ha616 cards.

Features Preferred Line Assignment — Outgoing A proprietary telephone user can select a desired outgoing line preference to make outside calls from the following 3 line preferences. Uses the internal music source equipped with the system. Your system enables a conversation between a specific outside CO line and extension Outside CO line 1: Don’t have an account?