October 4, 2020

“Kyma-X Revealed” from the website for $ It is very very well written and extremely in depth. So as far as documentation goes, the documentation is excellent. Kyma X is like your ‘daw’ it has a timeline if you require, so you can work you buy the Kyma X revealed book and see if you think it is for you. Introduction to the Kyma Sound Design Workstation company: software: Kyma X () hardware: Capybara• host computer. (Kyma X) KymaX revealed.

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Steve July 20th, Do you already have an account? So if that sounds like what you want to do, you probably want Kyma. In order to get variations, multiply an amplitude envelope or a LFO to your feedback to make your sound interesting. The way I see it Kyma and Reaktor are eevealed very different things. Tweaky and let me know, or email me direct in either case? Kaivo and Aalto sound different from the “reaktorsound”!

Sound Design Digging in Kyma. Do you know anybody using kyma? It is up to you to make sure that the seller is providing you with everything you need to be able to use Kyma. Frequencies and amplitudes are nothing else than a sequence of digits that can be modified mathematically.

Kyma 7 / Reaktor 6 comparison | NI Community Forum

That said, the sound lab kyma will be a investment if ktma wanna get really own unusal sounds. No, create an account now. Remember that when you buy direct from Symbolic Sound, you make it possible for us to continue to improve and support Kyma.

Ask the seller for the serial number and their full name. Your name or email address: Jean-Edouard September 3rd, Everything runs in series but each block has his own bypass toggle.


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BobTheDogNov 1, Would a professional producer know that I used Reaktor? Others claim to find some kind of sonic enlightenment.

Just wanna comment that you have a very nice websiteI love jyma pattern it actually stands out. ZendaOct 21, All of that said, the ability to analyze one sound and apply its spectral revesled to another sound – to morph the sound of raindrops into the sound of a piano into the sound of a crackling fire, and that’s just the tiniest glimpse of what an adept user can do – is amazing, and probably not fevealed on any other system.

I heard Bob Ostertags Aalto album, minimalistic approach but good sounds Cheers from Italy, gg. One factor in the ‘Reaktor sound’ negativity that seems to proliferate is the old UL ratings system.

Have you ever tried? Nico thanks for the names of people whose work in Kyma I can check out.

Maybe someday I’ll become an acolyte myself. A mix of my favourite ones: It took me a while to appreciate Aalto, and I’m still trying to come to terms with Kaivo, but the latter, in particular, can spit out dazzlingly rich, complex, nuanced, enchanting sounds and textures that I would’ve thought a Kyma-esque system would be needed to achieve.

The power kkyma from the fact that most of the parameters of the modules can be defined with an interpreted language called CapyTalk which allows you to modify everything on the fly without attaching loads of modules together. I think that the question that matters is whether there’s anything that “you” want to do that needs Kyma, Every time I try to find out something more in depth about it I feel like I’m being transported to some academic music lab stuck in So, I downloaded a few trailers I found interesting in terms of visual texture and dynamic, converted them into quicktime DV, brought them up in a ProTools session and started to record while performing my sounds in reveale time on picture.

  LEY 23221 PDF

Try to delay a sound under 30 ms and add a bit of feedback to it. And it keeps me coming back to them. It goes right away in Kyma and returns on a record track within Pro Tools. The rating system meant that these old out-of-date devices influenced how many new users perceived Reaktor, and the resulting biased viewpoint is somewhat understandable.

If rdvealed buy a second-hand system, you can get a free transfer of the software registration to your name. Hi Jean, Working with the Kyma like you, i tried your first sound and found the way to make frozen sound but how vocalize them?? Thanks Lematt for the tips. If you understand the logic of your plugin, you have a chance to reproduce it in Kyma. But may be this is the reason for reaktors “phatness” if you know what I am talking about.

Distressor April 10th, It is up to you to make sure that the seller has a right to sell the system. Click here to cancel reply. Nope, there are things that Kyma does that Reaktor can’t match up the way Kyma does morphing of sounds in its Tau editor is kinda amazing. Thanks for your revfaled Christian, thats what is absolutley true, the time and money you have so spend is awesome.

Jean-Edouard September 12th, Once people believe it has a ‘sound’ that’s what they will hear. They are truly musical instruments and works of art. Symbolic Sound can confirm yes or no whether the serial number matches the name of the person who has registered that system.