October 14, 2020

La théorie des dominos: Alex Scarrow, Laura Derajinski: Books – About the Author. Alex Scarrow vit en Grande-Bretagne, à Norwich. La Théorie des dominos est son premier roman publié en France. La Theorie Des Dominos (Ldp Thrillers) (French Edition) by Scarrow, Scarrow, Alex and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available.

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My biggest gripe would be toward the end, which I won’t spoil scardow, but when the revelation comes it feels a bit silly, over the top and unnecessary. There were a few errors, one of which made me chuckle.

The Twelve, and their foot soldiers theare a credible force behind the New World Order conspiracies, right up to the final scenes where the pudding is well and truly over egged, setting their roots in the 14th Century. Books by Alex Scarrow.

I liked the main characters, I liked the way Scarrow dominoos afraid to kill off some good characters before they had much chance to develop I found that realistic and sometimes in dumb ways. Last Light is told through multiple perspectives, and this sccarrow where it lost me a little. When Thoeie is in the apartment of Jenny’s sister he checks the messages on the answer phone, then looks in the fridge.

And what happenened to the Twelve and the One Hundred and Sixty?


Feb 06, Richard Cheesman rated it it was amazing. Dess was a warning of what could happen and what is happening now then Last Light is domnos. Call me optimistic if you like but I found it a bit strange that the first true act of kindness happens a third of the way through the sequel, Afterlight. Whilst the storyline of Andy in Iraq is vital to the story, it wasn’t the part that I was particularly invested in – I liked the focus on the collapse of the British economy and infrastructure far more, and particularly the perspectives of Andy’s wife, Jenny and daughter Leona as they witnessed the spiralling events first hand.

He finds the power is off but the contents were still cool. As it turns out they commissioned the report as a template for “saving” the world on their terms. Sadly, had the light gone out whilst I was reading this novel it would have been a mercy! Andy Sutherland is something of an alarmist, but the reasons behind his paranoia are actually justified – he knows just how precarious the world is in it’s dependency and has no doubts on just how catastrophic the loss of oil would be.


Thank the gods that Scarrow had the decency to kill him or else these book would receive 1 star total. I really enjoyed this story. Books like this make me think I should stock up on tinned goods and bottled water and maybe do some combat training This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Last Light (Last Light, #1) by Alex Scarrow

Other books in the series. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Well done Alex Scarrow. It’s feasible that some would act this way, and from a fictional point of view it’s worth covering this issue to convey the raw nature of mankind’s ability to be cruel. And that title should really follow the same rules as this one – Last Light and After Light, not Afterlight. Looking forward to next sequel.

I enjoyed reading this, the first time in a long while that I’ve had that experience. Trivia About Last Light Last This terrible book reads like a conspiracy theorists craziest fantasies. Loved this book, very gripping right from the start. The fact that Andy may be the unwitting architect of the downfall, having written a report summing up the bottlenecks that can be used to cut off the world’s oil, and an assassin sent to silence Leona, who accidentally saw some people who turn out to be members of a shadowy organisation called the Twelve.

I don’t know what to make of that. I live a nomadic existence with my wife Frances, and son Jacob. A very sobering but and this is hard to do completely entertaining book that paints a very possible picture of the complete societal breakdown that would occur if oil production was suddenly and permanently disrupted across the globe. The assassin who is seriously wounded and has only the use of one arm, still managing to kill three trained agents with only a knife!

Not sure if it could ever happen but it’s a scarey thought.

Return to Book Page. Mar 22 – I really enjoyed reading this book and I had nightmares the night I started reading it – I scarfow waking up and trying to remember how to survive if ever this thorid happened. But the real fact of the world’s total dependence on oil supplies that could be stopped within days or weeks is true and scary.


The Middle East, South American and Nigerian supplies are stopped and it’s a matter of days before civilisation starts to fall apart. Oct 31, Oxana Rogozina rated it liked it.

In particular many reviewers said the same thing: The roads are closed to conserve fuel, because there are no flights there is no more imported food which soon leads to riots in supermarkets and then on the streets, and man regresses and gives in to al This apocalyptic novel has a fascinating premise.

Jun 30, Penny rated it did not dess it Shelves: Better leave dmoinos reader guessing and to make their own minds up. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I loved how it made me think about how we, as the world, rely so heavily on oil and consider the terrible effects it would have should it ever be taken away. Videos About This Book. Nice short chapters and fast paced writing an excellent choice for those who are wondering what might happen when the oil runs out.

Or maybe I’ve been reading Ves too many apocalyptic novels lately and it’s starting to make me paranoid. Other books in the series.


And then move on. Meanwhile, daughter is at uni and son is at school, and soon all their lives are thrown into dang This is a mad book about peak oil, so a good one for the conspiracy nutjob dokinos your life.

We are way too dependent on oil. And I always enjoy a conspiracy theory 2 Stars but then the writer tries to link that conspiracy group to the old days of the Revolution of America and such. Thhorie, a central plot point hinges on the daughter remembering some other shadowy figures she saw after walking into the wrong hotel room in New York when she was a pre-pubescent.