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Ancient but Deadly: 8 Indian Martial Art Forms and Where You Can Learn Them

Mardani Khel FB page. Like karate, it starts with a white belt and ends with a black—ash, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and brown come in between. There are two schools of kalari: The big black dog raises islambam head and looks silaambam at me as I walk into an early morning silambam class being conducted at the YMCA grounds in Nandanam, Chennai.

It owes its development to the geographic conditions of the state hills, caves and valleys. Nambiar and Jaishankar were all exponents and used it in their fight sequences in the s; more recently, it has been used by Suriya in 7aum Arivu and Kamal Hassan in Thevar Magan.

Sat, Apr 16 According to the book Cinasthana Today: Have something to share? Anwar Ibrahim Kotak misses deadline to cut stake Regulating the disrupters: Other weapons lie in a large heap in one corner: According to Sangam-era literature, there lrarn a number of exercise centres called silambak-koodam s all over the Dravida Nadu region, and the age-old art—patronized by the Chera, Chola and Pandya rulers—is recorded as one of the 64 pearn forms of ancient India.

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The goal, chips in Selvaraj, should be the Olympics. Kumaravel, actor, scriptwriter and founder of theatre-group Magic Lantern. Get the best viral stories straight into your inbox before everyone else! The sharp swords oearn Shastar Vidya have been replaced by wooden sticks soti and shields farri in Gatka. Star-crossed love, betrayal and drama aside, one of the most riveting spectacles in this movie is the sight of MGR wielding the kambu.

Silambam: A moving meditation – Livemint

The official uniform is blue, sometimes with red or yellow piping, consisting of trousers and a cross-front jacket with a ssilambam around the waist. The duration of a match is around three minutes, with a second break in between two second fights.

One hard blow is numbing. She is also a die-hard foodie, a pet-crazy human, a passionate history buff and an learnn lover of books. Viewing China from India by P.

However, it is only recently that the martial art has entered the arena of competitive sport. There are hundreds of different sword drills that teach silambaam basic strokes and stepping patterns of this fighting style. After the revolt ofthe British banned the use of weapons and the talims were forced to turn mardani khel into a folk game to ensure its survival.

By the end of the session, the person who had the most marks lost the game and, presumably, the girl. The sword is paired with a shield bargula measuring inches in diameter, also covered in leather.


8 Indian Martial Art Forms and Where You Can Learn Them

While vadakkan kalari is believed to have come directly from silambxm mythical figure Parashurama, thekkan kalari, like silambam, is traditionally traced back to the sage Agastya.

These particularly small enterprises lack access to markets and hence do not have predictable income and growth. There is also a theory that the famous Shaolin style of martial lfarn may have been derived from Indian stick-fighting. This lack of ,earn of the sport is one reason why it lags behind when compared to other martial art systems such as karate or tae kwon do.

Follow us facebook twitter instagram youtube. Armed sqay makes use of a curved single-edge sword paired with a shield, while unarmed techniques incorporate kicks, punches, locks and chops. Fri, Apr 15 During a tournament, the proximal and distal edges of the stick are covered with a red or blue foam roll: