October 25, 2020

Lidetu Ayalew is a very shrewd, articulate and pragmatic politician with a tinge Medrek ought to be brave and take a leaf out of Lidetu’s book;. Time Revealed the Truth about Lidetu Ayalew . Lidetu is the only Ethiopian ever who wrote two books in less than 5 years, as the Chairman of. Lidetu Ayalew: Adjustment and Change Never Changed. his perceived character assassination through his books Yearem Ersha and Medlot.

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Views Read Edit View history. Involvement in destructive discourse should be avoided at all costs for the benefit of the country and its people. Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam will be completed on ayalfw. That is what I want the reality to be. In your book, you have stated that hearsay is more directed to you than your party.

Compared to Kenya or Nigeria, the level of corruption in Ethiopia some five or six years ago was largely negligible. He is an incorrigible optimist. If you ask me it could be a spur of the moment thing; but if it is indeed spoken intentionally, I would say that it is a really debatable issue. The reaction was equally stunning. There should be no place for uncivilised politics in our country in this day and age. This is a question that all citizens who want change should ask and attempt to answer.

That attitude has its roots in jungle politics. Occasionally he gathers some thugs from the streets of Addis and instructs them to go and disrupt Andinet meetings with finacial inducements. This resulted in a fallout between Lidetu and other opposition leaders such as Berhanu Nega. May 10, at 3: Neither could they boldly claim that development, as opposed to democracy, should come first.

There was a time I literally cried, begging to step down but I was denied. I never considered hearsay to be a big concern in politics prior to and after joining the peaceful struggle. I believe most people still think so.


Apologies to Lidetu have been flowing from in and out of the country including from Prof. Effective August 7,following every article, As I heard they are determined to elect Lidetu.

It has exacerbated the extremely polarized relation between the opposition and the ruling party. There are different political ideologies and organizations but the individuals are still the same.

Ethiopia: Interview with Lidetu Ayalew (Reporter)

As I was always saying to all people I met and in my two articles, Lidetu Ayalew is one of the matured politicians that Ethiopia has ever had in any standard. The book did not mention in the way Arkebe or Weyanie understood it. Democracy cannot be achieved through the barrel of a gun.

The leftists have prevented us from having a healthy political culture by being an obstacle to the principles of tolerance, deliberation and give-and-take. And yet he was not accused of betrayal as much as Lidetu was for doing the same thing. It is mostly influenced by defamation and hearsay. The impact continued during the general elections as EDP failed to win a single seat in parliament.

EDP is the only Ethiopian political party with such relaxed regulation despite other party presidents who monopolize power for decades. Before the EPRDF assumed power, there was a massive propaganda that labeled it as a force that wants to weaken and disintegrate the country.

In a nation where there are diverse views and opinions, there is no way that one party can win percent of the seats in the legislature. We established the party after clearly identifying our path of political struggle in deliberations that lasted a year.

It is actually to the contrary. The good doctor has insignificant support at home, and he is in dire financial predicaments owing to the dwindling flow of funds from Esayass and his ever decreasing toxic Diaspora members. The media is expected to fact-check false allegations, expose and present the truth to the public.


If I can start from the last one, if we ask if there are discernible shifts since the death of Meles, I would argue that there are some visible changes. Liditu is really gifted,unique and smart politican. Some journalists have manipulated this limitation of the society and have caused plenty of problems. I am not saying Lidetu is a holly man like Teferi Mekonen is for Jamaican because of the rain when King Hailesilassie visited Kingston.

Questioning that will lead to suspicion and expose oneself to hearsay.

This has its own problems manifested in the variation of political decisions that are lauded in public and those implemented on the ground. But the majority of the political organizations abroad have greatly contributed to the political problem at home using their financial capability.

Now, two are at loggerheads; and it would be interesting to see who comes out on top. The other point is that observed in post-Meles era is that there are tendencies to be populists; for instance, we see decisions being taken hastily and then being reversed following public uproar.

His popularity plummeted significantly in the aftermath of the elections as he was considered to be a puppet of the ruling EPRDF, as a result of former-CUD leader’s massive propaganda to defame him.

Excerpt #1 from Lidetu Ayalew Book – “Farming Weeds” (pub. December )

But, I cannot fully disregard the presence of some groups who are trying to benefit from the situation from behind. So, political parties have to go through this process and consolidate centers of power. Lidetu was smart enough to see through Hailu Shawel and the rest; he played his part in preventing Ethiopia from falling into the wrong hands that could have caused irrepairable damages to the country.