September 20, 2021

The LimeSurvey tool presents horizontal tool bars to the survey creator in their LimeSurvey, you will not be aware of or vary from what you see on the screen. Importing an existing survey from the old LimeSurvey. If you have an old survey in the previous version of LimeSurvey, and you want to use it as. für E-Learning auswählen. In Handbuch ELearning (pp. (, April 24). LimeSurvey – the free and open source survey software tool! Carsten Schmitz.

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In order to delete a survey, you have to first access the survey list page. Dabei ist zu beachten, dass LimeSurvey automatisch festlegtwelcher der beiden Vergleichsoperatoren zur Anwendung kommt, d.

This manual is thus focused on how to install the application, administer the installation, and support survey creators, administrators and report generation users alike.

Retrieved from ” http: Diese beiden Fragen machen mich mittlerweile wahnsinnig. Thus, the only way to know if the user has answered the ‘other’ part of the question or not would be to check if the value of the text written in the other input field is empty kimesurvey not. Then upload the files using the directory structure they are in.

The question group functionality has been added once with the launch of LimeSurvey 3. As said above, scenario numbers have no impact in the way bandbuch are evaluated.

If you want to add new translations or correct a translation please follow these instructions:. Help us to update this manual! In this scenario, no ‘Alcohol’ question will be displayed if ‘Male M ‘ was chosen previously.


Volunteers are not paid. The template options functionalities are present in LimeSurvey 3.

Bedingungen setzen – LimeSurvey Manual

By default, all the new conditions are created inside the Default Scenariowhich uses number ‘1’ as its identifier. Then, access Survey groups:. Diese beiden Fragen machen mich limesirvey wahnsinnig.

Next, confirm on the next page that you want to proceed and all the conditions will be deleted. If this happens to you, ensure that you are using a provider-based email address in the “Admin email” field. If you wish to use another method, read our wiki on import alternatives for more information. In diesem Kapitel wird beschrieben Einfachen Frage, wo die Antwort ein einzelner Wert atomar ist. There is no real field recorded for the ‘other’ checkbox for this question type. Check out the Troubleshooting page for more information.

Volunteers are not paid.

This means that your question will not be displayed unless both tested values the selected subquestions are met. If you arrange the questions in one group and arrange them like 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, and so on, you will get a nearly correct progress bar, while arranging the questions like 2A, 3A, 4A, [ Wohl nicht im Manual unter dem Punkt ” manual. To see which survey-editing functionalities are available, check the list surveys section. When you have several conditions, they are ANDed together if they don’t share the same tested values.

For the above example, the relevance equation is highlighted below:. Please pay attention to how the copy conditions functions work when you wish to copy and apply a set of conditions located under different scenarios to another question which uses the same or different scenario id numbers. To find out more on how you can copy conditions in LimeSurvey, please scroll up or click here to continue reading the dedicates wiki section.


Ihr Fragebogen umfasst die Fragen 1 bis 5. Dauert eigentlich auch gar nicht so lang halbe Stunde und du solltest durch sein, wenn du nicht jedes Wort einzeln umdrehst When you click Deletea confirmation window will pop up in order to confirm your action.

Installation – LimeSurvey CE

Setting the following condition “Show question ‘FavColour’ if the answer to the question ‘Gender’ is ‘no answer'” really means “show question ‘FavColour’ if question ‘Gender’ was displayed to the survey participant who did not submit answer”. The second one is to click on the Surveys button located on the main toolbar of your LimeSurvey installation home page:.

There are too many possible reasons for things not going according to plan to describe here. Outdated translations are marked like this.

LimeSurvey Manual

Then help us fix it. To summarise the possible cases you might have, check the haandbuch example:. However, if the participant chooses “Other” and types in something in the text box, there is NO way a condition can be set. To get an overview of all your surveys, click on the Surveys button located on the toolbar of LimeSurvey home page:.