October 26, 2020

Retrouvez Gangrel, Savage and Macabre et des millions de livres en stock sur If you plan on playing this clan this book is an absolute must. Clanbook: Gangrel includes: The history of the clan and its unique view of the world; 10 sample characters suitable for players and storytellers, and; how the. White Wolf Vampire The Requiem Merch Gangrel Clan Pin Zip SW. C $; Buy VAMPIRE LA MASCARADE – Livre du Clan Giovanni *JDR*. C $; Buy.

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Discover the truth of their madness. Discover the bloody legacy of these insular undead, and their even deadlier future. Show only see all Show only. Sign in to get custom notifications of new products! Due to the length of the section and the number of authors and products, I’ve arbitrarily divided it into.

– Gangrel, Savage and Macabre – Russell Bailey – Livres

Laws of the Hunt Revised Storyteller. No other clan can match the effect of the Toreador.

From the Sahara Desert to the Spanish Main, from the monasteries of Seville to the mean streets of New York City, no other clan so embodies what it means to be a vampire. Roleplayer Independent Volume 1, Issue 6 – May Nosferatu – 1st Edition WW Regular price: In addition lirve a handful of cool insights into the vampiric condition here and there, I particularly enjoyed the letter regarding dealings with other clans, and the amusing section on Count F’ing Dracula.


Many of these things were particularly well suited to the Belial’s Brood Gangrel I rolled shortly after finishing this book to date one of the best roleplaying experiences of my life. Shaper than a Serpant’s tooth The Masquerade Storyteller Werewolf: See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

Add tags Tags separate by space: The Masquerade RPG, this gives information on a clan, including character templates and ligre powers of the clan. Gangrel – 1st Edition Regular price: In this case, it’s a journal compiled by the neonate Alice Sewell in her travels to unearth the history of the Clan for her mysterious benefactor.

White Wolf Magazine Issue 38 – Now, in this final clanbook, descend into the nightmare crypts of the incestuous Giovanni.

Extensive history of the followers flan Set All new Merits and Flaws for Setite characters Ten complete character templates! Unseen even by mirrors, these lords of darkness glide through the night they rule, orchestrating the rise and fall of Kindred and kine alike. I wish you joy o’th’ Worm!

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Canal RSS pour les nouveaux produits. Wheter gutting companies or animating corpses, the Giovanni is a power to be reckoned with. PDF The Gangel relish their reputation as the most mysterious of the Camirilla clans, but even their secrecy cannot stand forever. This book really shines in the appendix, though. The betrayers tore down the monuments. Ravnos – 1st Edition Regular price: The Dreaming Storyteller Demon: I’ve been waiting quite a while for this book, as the Gangrel are my favorite Clan, and it does not disappoint.


Laws of the Resurrection Storyteller. Refine more Format Format. The vampires of Clan Ventrue understand that power has value only as a means to an end, not an end in itself.

See All Ratings and Reviews. The Nosferatu watch everyone else, but who watches them? Ventrue – 1st Edition WW Regular price: The hope for infinity burned to ash.

If you plan on storytelling a nomad or Gangrel coterie, this book has many story seeds and ideas.

I supported becauseā€¦ “I support the Geek because of all the great friends I’ve made here. Laws of the Night 1st Edition Storyteller.

Eugene S September 15, 1: By the way, White Wolf’s site offers a free PDF reprinting some of the Dracula material and adding a cool dirty fighting Legacy if you’re interested. PDF Once they built monuments to eternal peace. A sourcebook for GMs running the Vampire: Now learn the secrets of these enigmatic vampires – their history and legends, their allies and enemies, and the truth flan their relationship with the fearsome Lupine.