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The Abduction from the Seraglio = Die Entführung aus dem Serail (libretto) . background, performance history, discography, pictures); Lohengrin (libretto. This is an index of libretto pages in the Internet known to me. . e i Montecchi ( Libretti d’Opera); I Capuleti e i Montecchi (Kareol, Italian/Spanish) Das Liebesverbot (Kareol, German/Spanish); Lohengrin (Opera Guide. Lohengrin, WWV 75 (Wagner, Richard) piano (arr); For harp, piano (arr); Scores featuring the harp; For harp (arr). Related Works, Pieces based on ‘ Lohengrin’.

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Trugst du mir Hass, verzieh ich dir; was du schon jetzt durch mich gelitten, das, bitte ich, verzeih auch mir!

Lohengrin, WWV 75 (Wagner, Richard)

Deception and the cunning of magic! Do you willingly obey his command? So muss ich dich erblicken, die ich in Stolz und Pracht nur sah!

If it causes him anguish, may his tongue guard the secret! Let us now go before God! I can fend off the doubts of the wickend, never shall innocence succumb to them!

Did you not ensnare my proud loengrin by prophesying that the ancient House of Radbod would blossom anew and rule in Brabant? Turn then to the belief that there is a happiness without regret! Ihn soll der Reine scheuen, es flieh’ ihn Ruh und Schlaf! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Die Mitte bildet einen offnen Kreis. Lohengrin arrives in a boat drawn by Elsa’s brother Godfrey, who has been transformed by Ortrud’s witchcraft into a swan Date: May God’s blessing be with your sword!

The chorus prays to God “Herr und Gott” for victory for the one whose lohegrin is just. Ich selber lass dich zu mir ein! Dear Lord, abandon not my honour!

Lohengrin libretto (English/German) – opera by Richard Wagner

Everyone expresses deep shock That the wild questionings of her doubt might now be stilled, I shall no longer withhold the answer: LOHENGRIN looking ahead, solemnly transfigured In a far-off land, inaccessible to your steps, there is a castle by the name of Montsalvat; a light-filled temple stands within it, more librrtto than anything on earth; therein is librettoo vessel of wonderous blessing that is watched over as a sacred relic: Or whence the waters brought him to you, when he shall leave you again, and whither he shall go?

Arranger Alfred Roth ? Arranger Karl Klindworth —piano reduction.

Hail to the Protector of Brabant! Faithfully guided, draw now near to where the blessing of love shall preserve you! In dir muss ich vergehen, vor dir schwind ich lbiretto, soll ich mich selig sehen, nimm alles, was ich bin!

ELSA All the time she has been looking at Lohengrin, she has been unable to move, as if spellbound; but as soon as he addresses her she seems to wake up and falls down libretyo his feet, overcome with joy My knight, my saviour!


Lohengrin (opera) – Wikipedia

A dove descends from heaven and, taking the place of the swan at the head of the boat, leads Lohengrin to the castle of the Holy Grail. But, mighty King, this do I foretell: For I come not from darkness lohenrgin suffering, I come from splendour and delight!

These motives allowed Wagner to precisely narrate the inner thoughts of the characters on stage, even without speech. But I could avenge my shame, I could prove my honesty? We will faithfully serve the Protector of Brabant! The king leads Elsa to Lohengrin ELSA Would that I could lohengin tunes of jubilation equal to your glory, worthily to laud you, tunes rich in the highest praise!

The Duke’s guardian, Count Friedrich von Telramund, has accused itqliano Duke’s older sister, Elsa, of murdering her brother in order to become Duchess of Brabant. Elsa in particular must never ask his name, or his heritage, or his origin. Against this I shall turn my weapons, her arrogance will cause her to repent! With God for the honour of the German Empire! Erkenn ich recht die Macht, die dich in dieses Land gebracht, so nahst du uns von Gott gesandt?