April 26, 2021

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Then why focus on him? Wrong headed, but honest.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This author somehow makes it seem as though he is just telling you a story, as if he is just beside you talking to you. It was given to me by a scientist and I didn’t think much of it until I started reading it.

For this reason I read it again.

Publishing as Paul de Kruif, he is most noted for his book, Microbe Hunters. But this book is so good I just had to write one.

Jul 22, Vacaseverywhere rated it really liked it. I referred to it in a novel I am writing and realized how important the book was to me. I also enjoyed seeing the retelling, if to be believed, of these peoples’ lives — such strong personalities. I recommend this book to anyone who has any remote interest in science and medicine It is a simple book with all the mayor microbiology discovers, told in a very light and interesting way.

The egos, the battles and national micrpbios going alongside are all part of the fantastic breadth of this book.

This is again why I think it should be on se school curriculum before students move on to dry, more cazarores books. THe author made these scientists real and flawed and eccentric without diminishing the impact of their work. Not just comforting words as krruif Imagine, in the 18th century, the first human being on earth to look through his crude, home made microscope at a living microbe.


It’s a tough one. Fun read if you want to learn more about the science of bacteria and viruses. The introduction to the newest edition, published in the s, didn’t try to bring us completely up-to-date- on microbiology, which would have been impossible. cazaores

Los Cazadores de Microbios by Paul de Kruif

I was certainly inspired. The book was written in and had a dramatic, even florid style, ls sometimes unintentionally, I’m sure made us laugh out loud. Reading the book made me think about becoming something other than an astronomer or cosmologist.

Great characters, good story, excellent writing. The writing is probably dated now, but the way it dazadores the excitement of research discoveries convinced me to pursue this as a career. The distinction between a Scientist who tries to discover and one who tries to make discoveries fit a pre determent theory is also well developed.

The book discusses the giants of germ theory and does so in a way that makes these scientists appr This book is what introduced me to the ;aul of medical research.

Return to Book Page. Nothing outright awful just terminology and tone, but still weird for me.

Cazadores de Microbios

My copy is from the And impressive how much work they could do with viruses without mucrobios able to see them. Paul de Kruif knows how to tell stories. I tell you now, in all seriousness, this is the best book about science I have ever read. I solute them and their tireless, pual sacrificing and endless scientific work to discover the workings of the microbe. However, retrospective application of current norms of political correctness would be both unfair and pointless.


Even though Lewis was listed as the sole author, De Kruif’s contribution was significant, and he received 25 percent of the royalties. What is particularly impressive is his ability to set each researcher’s accomplishments squarely within the context mictobios what was known at the time. Read for the Reading Challenge: The book discusses the giants of germ theory and does so in a way that makes these scientists approachable microbjos real men with real emotions.

He was utterly correct. In other ways I just want to live in that fun, light style and not have to think about all of those difficult subjects. After reading it inI decided this is how I wanted to spend my life.

Los Cazadores de Microbios

Potential readers need to know right away that this book is close to years old, the ONLY reason microbbios matters is that some of the language and the style of the writing was of its time. It is fascinating how much you can learn from something so little. I still enjoyed every chapter.

Llos writing was different. Those that followed him figured out that it was these wee beasties that made us sick and even die by the millions. I have basically never written a review before. The achievements of each person are clearly articulated and linked across time so that you get the appreciation of how modern scientists are always standing on shoulders of those before.

God’s creations are incredible! Books by Paul de Kruif.