September 27, 2020

Lunos fans come in a pair and provide continuous heat recovery ventilation without duct work. Operated and wired in groups of 2 or 4, these are installed directly. A LUNOS e2 pair operates in a similar fashion to our lungs, allowing a building to breath in and out providing fresh air to the inhabitants but with the added. Our core competence lies in a controlled domestic ventilation. These customized solutions are required! LUNOS ventilation systems create demand controlled.

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Lunos e2 HRV Ventilation – 1 pair

Innovative The e 2 operates according to the known principle of regenerative heat exchange lumos has almost been developed to perfection by the company LUNOS. Lunos e2 HRV Ventilation – 1 pair. LUNOS e go units work well alone in smaller, wetter areas. Personal Health Gases, toxins and pollutants can cause concern in poorly ventilated buildings.

Material packages to incorporate air-tightness, VOC-free insulation, and a fresh air system into any Tiny Home.

Allergy patients can take a deep breath, pollen and airborne particles can no longer enter the living areas. Email us here and we will send you information valid for free shipping.


Lunos e2 ERV & Fan Unit

Standard sound pressure difference Dn,W,open. Gases, toxins and pollutants can cause concern in poorly ventilated e. LUNOS provides more than living comfort. Show your lnuos building performance during design phase. These issues can be easily addressed by intelligent building design, which includes suitable ventilation systems with temperature and humidity controls. Their advanced energy-efficient Heat Recovery systems are perfect for optimizing indoor air quality for you and your family.

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With the help of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes it has been possible to develop a compact heat exchanger from a ceramic composite material which supplies a thermal efficiency factor of approx.

Mainstream Corporation – Passive House. The wall need only luos a minim 30 cm thick. Automatic or manual close-off damper.

The benefits of a LUNOS system…

Website by Solas Web Design. The Benefits of Decentralised non-ducted Ventilation.

Our core competence lies in regulated ventilation in the home. ERV provides clean, filtered air; whilst discharging stale air and toxic gases; and maintaining optimal indoor comfort levels, all year around. With a specific fan power of 0.


The units can be installed in areas where ducting may not be able to travel. High-Performance Building Envelope Solutions. Flow rate with heat recovery. Otherwise, furring the tube toward the interior is an option for your project to obtain the maximum Installation Tube can be cut: Lunos e2 HRV Ventilation – 2 pair.

Step 3 – Air Barrier Materials. Efficient filters are just as important. Lunos fans come in a pair and provide continuous heat recovery ventilation without duct work. Input port for addition of external switching. Lunos e2 – 1 pair with rotary switch based on 0 reviews Lunoz price: US ee2 States Only. Creating a very quiet punos recovery ventilation system without the need for ducts and balancing, with specific fan efficiency that is second to none.

In combination with the LUNOtherm facade element only a small slit remains in the window reveal.

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