June 8, 2021

Buy the Mackie SP 2×6 Speaker Processor at Full Compass. Offering sophisticated EQ, crossover, dynamics processing and system protection, the Mackie. The Mackie SP 2 x 6 Loudspeaker System Processor offers sophisticated EQ, crossover, dynamics processing, and system protection. It provides complete. Buy the Mackie SP at Get low pricing and free shipping on s of items, plus exceptional customer service!.

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Any size system can benefit from the powerful processing that the SP provides. Each macmie every SP feature is controllable using the app, which features a high-contrast design suitable for low-lit areas like the front of the house. It provides complete system optimization for both passive and powered systems. Do it as well as you possible can. See any errors on this page?

If you know your Butterworths from your Bessels, or if Linkwitz-Reily is your middle name, the SP mackid you total control over every single parameter. Use all the available input and output processing to optimize your system for the venue.

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Mackie Sp260 2×6 Loudspeaker System Processor

SP for iP Series. It features 5-band EQ on both inputs. There are many other ways to optimize your passive or active loudspeaker system. Mxckie input features a mute switch and variable gain control and 5-band EQ. This saves time when dealing with complicated systems that involve zone control, cry rooms, or with bi- or tri-amped loudspeakers.

February 28, You can even impose a password protection system for enhanced security. Any advice would be appreciated. It delivers everything you need to professionally optimize loudspeaker systems of nearly any size. Butterworth, Bessel, and Linkwitz-Reilly. I can say that it MUST be hooked up balanced as it does become noisy when used single ended. Passive, mackis, bi-amped, tri-amped, delay stacks, fill stacks, cry rooms and balcony clusters. A Complete System Solution Passive, powered, bi-amped, tri-amped, delay stacks, fill stacks, cry rooms, and balcony clusters.


Pierre Foster on February 24, Logged “Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. For each output, you also get to choose input routing, from input A, input B, or a mono sum of both suitable mmackie subwoofers or for sending a mono feed to the foyer. Simple Setup You can easily choose from a range of pre-configured system setups to assign the correct inputs; name outputs and provide the starting crossover point for your system.

Also know that it is designed to work with amps that share the same voltage gains. I presume you mean his singing voice! So whether you “hear” hiss on not just sp2260 how you dial it in. The software auto-detects the SP and shows the current settings. I’m amazed that they’re still selling them, unless new ones have fixed the issue.

You will get an enormous reward. Help the SP find it’s purpose.

Mackie Sp 2×6 Loudspeaker System Processor | eBay

Maybe extra coverage is needed in a balcony for service. This allows you to setup for shows ahead of time or adjust things you’d like to improve for the next show. This feature is critical for properly voicing a loudspeaker for the program material being presented or for the venue it is in. My amps are all run wide open too.

I own several and run a few large PA’s with it with no hiss issues at all. From there, use all the available input and output processing to optimize your system for the venue. This allows you to turn up the subs for a bit more low end or get a little more ,ackie to another zone without having to walk out and adjust the power amps. You can adjust the system based on the venue and gear and be sp2260 assured of achieving premium sound quality. Not seeing much real world use on the web s2p60 both fall within my current budget for a processor.


Brad Weber on March 02, Agreed, turning down the mwckie is the correct solution to the problem, but since a large chunk of the reason to use a DSP is for speaker protection, if I can’t leave the amps wide open then that feature is useless. These filters also allow you to roll off frequencies your speaker may not be able to handle.

Logged Don Boomer Sr.

With the Mackie SP Control Application, you makcie total control over your system and presets from an easy-to-use interface. I can turn my PA’s on, turn the mains up to unity with open channels and have no hiss at all.

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USB port for programming via Windows-based computers. Each output also features a dedicated 7-band EQ, complete with selectable parametric or shelving control per sp20.

We will authorize your payment method for the full advertised amount when you order this item, but you will not be charged until your item ships. Getting total control over your system and sounding professional has never been easier. You will have created something.

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