October 2, 2020

Atlanta is going to the dogs in this “sexy” (Publishers Weekly) story from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Kate Daniels. Magic Mourns by Ilona Andrews. I sat in a small, drab office, one of many in the Atlanta chapter of the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid, and pretended to be Kate. Compre Magic Mourns: A Novella in the World of Kate Daniels (English Edition) de Ilona Andrews na Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos .

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The rest consisted of horses, mules, donkeys, and oxen. Bit of an inside line on that, but it just means it doesn’t get any better than Ilona Andrews. Romance among shifters can be a combination of stalking, violence, dysfunction, and love.

Magic Mourns by Ilona Andrews | : Books

So as a strong, independent and very tech savvy Knight, she grabs her biggest and fastest weapons from her arsenal and does what any badass asskicker would do. Coal-black hair spilled from his head to his shoulders. Like a big, furry candle on his ass. I love the way he acts towards her and ansrews they make a great couple so I’m all for seeing more of them together in the future. It has a great plot, the usual humour, snark and great action scenes. Teddy Jo mulled it over.

Very few people could have expertise in both tech and magic. He was shown to us as caring, patient and incredibly unconventionally attractive. The dog turned out to be a Hell Hound and and the shape shifter to be Raphael.

Magic Mourns

They had a saying about werehyenas: I growled under my breath. I picked up my favorite pair of Ps and ducked into the armory, where I kept my assortment of guns. There was something else under it, but the dog stink is so damn acrid, it drowns everything else. It is cool to be a hyena! Being fascinated by all things Raphael I was thrilled to read a novella devoted to him and Andrea.


And yet when he looked at women with those dark blue eyes, they lost all common sense and threw themselves at him. Magic Mourns Kate Daniels 3. Overall an “A” effort and a story not to be missed by fans of Ilona Andrews. Very few people could have expertise in both tech and magic.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Andrea is a beastkin, who is usually killed by other shapeshifters. Personally, I don’t iloa Raphael sexy, even if Kate, Andrea and the rest of the world does, but I have to admit that I love his personality.

Those who surrendered to the animal side began the catastrophic descent into delirium. Both the Order and Curran, the Ilpna Lord, took a rather dim view of this occurrence. A low growl rolled through the ravine below, dissolving into heavy wet panting, followed by a frustrated layered yelp, as if several dogs had whined in unison. We hurtled down the highway at a breakneck speed. And I really enjoyed getting mmourns know her better in this novella.

Andrea had some big shoes to fill, but the story had a little of everything and didn’t fail to entertain. Far to the south, the Scratches united into a gorge that eventually became Ilonz Gap, another hellish magic spot.

Andrea and Raphael are great characters separately but together they’re just brilliant. Part of the Kate Daniels series: Blood in Her Veins.

Such as the apple pies. The sinful smile was back. Hard to smell anything with the exhaust fumes searing the inside of my nose. Because of who her father was, and who she is, she had a terrible childhood, one that made her very distrustful of other shapeshifters.


When you absolutely have to have a job done correctly, use the best tool for it.

She gets a call from out of town to investigate a three headed dog that seemed to be chasing a Pack animal. Contrary to popular belief, Gordon was never an intelligence officer with a license to kill, and Ilona was never the mysterious Russian spy who seduced him.

Sep 27, Gavin rated it liked it. The Weatherby spat thunder. For all the books narration is in the first person and features Kate Daniels as the sole voice. Aug 30, Cathryn rated it ilonna was amazing. What more could a woman want?

Maybe it’s hard to go from reading a bunch of Kate Daniels to popping into someone else’s head. While Kate is on medical leave, Andrea is taking her cases. Just thought you would like to be aware. The story is told from her POV.

Magic Mourns (Kate Daniels, #) by Ilona Andrews

This book toys with women’s klona to be The One to change the notorious playboy. A bouda in a warrior form, a monster halfway between hyena and man. How To Marry A Werewolf. I sat there for about an hour or so, and then he wandered off and I ran the other way. The twist at end is especially cool!