October 4, 2020

Introduction. MAGICAR MA is a safety device with highest level of security. Thanks to a 2-way remote with pager you will be immediately informed about. I’m about to install a Magicar RF2W alarm and the manual is in Korean. I think I should be able to get most of it by the pictures but does anyone. The model name, RF2WN, stands for 2 Way FM 4 Button Remote. MAGICAR COLOR LCD. The remote-pager comes with Magicar which is a unique color LCD.

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Remote-Pager Button Functions 5.

Magicar MF / M – Fjernbetjenings manual |

A manual key in the ignition is required to drive the car. Therefore, please use relays if you connect these outputs to equipment that uses more than mA.

Otherwise, you will damage these output circuitries. Insert your key in the ignition and turn the key to On position within 20 second after you open the door of vehicle. Indicates that your car siren is turned on or off when you lock or unlock the vehicle.

Thank you for choosing Magicar MF, a state-of-the-art Two Way alarm remot start system for your vehicle. Therefore, you go back tothestep1. Indicates that your car siren is turned on or off when you lock or unlock the vehicle.


If the red LED confirms a correct number,continue entering the other 3 numbers. Other products from this supplier. Remote-Pager Learn Routine Paging for Shock Sensing Quick Information Brand Name: More Button Functions 6.


Starter-Kill Function In alarm mode, the starter kill function is activated. In order to auto-start your manual transmission car, you must first set the Magicar system to Reservation Mode before leaving your vehicle. Enter your 4 number pass words by knocking – each number After that, the keyless function will not be available for the next 24 hours or until you unlock the door with the remote whichever comes first. The remote-pager comes with Magicar which is a unique color LCD magivar that visually tells the vehicle owner the security status of your car at all times.

Knock 10 times Each time the green LED will flash once.

Description of Remote Appearance 2. The remote will make beeping sounds, Beep, Beep. Select between and Note: Each time the green LED will flash once. The duration of the Aux output should be vary depending on the equipments that these outputs operate.

Note that the trunk release function will not only release the trunk but will unlock allthedoorsaswell. After completion of Reservation Mode, if the doors or trunk door are still be opened, the Reservation Mode will be cancelled.

Magicar M902F / M9000 – Fjernbetjenings manual

The serial number of the remote is required for the wanaty. If the key is rrf2wn out from the ignition, the engine will be still running and Magicar system will be in the procedure of Reservation Mode. In addition, the vehicle will automatically unlock the doors upon pulling the key outfromtheignition.


You may try up to 5 times within 30 minutes. The red LED will flash rapidly. Youngshin shall not be responsible for any Damages or consequences resulting from failure to choose the manual Transmission mode for these vehicles.

Magicar M902F User Manual

Enter the magica words. The only feature operating in valet mode is the keyless entry function and optional auxiliary functions. Displays if your trunk is open. Indicates that someone is paging you from your vehicle.

Indicates if Passive Arming Mode is on or off.

This product is intended only for Auto Security. You may also be intersted in 2-way remote starter 2-way lcd car alarm 2-way paging car alarm 2-way car alarm.

Inside Temperature of the vehicle. Indicates if passive Arming Mode is on or off. PressedFor 9 At 22 3 However, some of vehicles will not be set the Reservation Mode as per the above procedure. Remainder of the engine ruining time.