October 4, 2020

Psychologia rodziny teoria i badania [Mieczyslaw Plopa] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Publikacja jest proba przedstawienia zarowno. Praca i rodzina. Konflikt czy synergia? [Work and Family. Conflict or Synergy?] Warszawa: WydawnictwVizja Press & IT. Plopa, M. (). Psychologia rodziny. Jan M Plopa. Plopa, M. (). Psychologia rodziny. Teoria i badania. Kraków: Oficyna Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar Socjologia rodziny.

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Some antecedents and consequences of work-family conflict.

Plopa, Mieczysław ( ). [WorldCat Identities]

Research carried out in the field of experiencing role conflicts by women demonstrate that this problem affects particularly those who have traditional, and not modern, views on gender roles, consequently generating greater psychological costs Zalewska, Among undeniable advantages are: All examined persons were inhabitants of an urban agglomeration.

Duxbury and Higginsdefine work-family conflict as one occurring when requirements connected with different life roles are incoherent and incompatible, and committing to one of the roles makes it difficult to commit to the other. Conflicts experienced between areas of work and family can also significantly impinge on the quality of marital relationships and determine tensions between partners, particularly when accompanied by mutual competition and burdening with domestic duties, as is presently the case in two-career relationships Duxbury, Higgins, ; Rostowski, Rostowska, ; Rostowska, Acta Neuropsychologica, 11 1 Even though they pursue the contemporary model of professional career, strona More and more common are egalitarian partnerships or dual-career couples where both spouses are professional workers and bear the responsibility of upbringing children and housekeeping Rostowski, Rostowska, Within the questionnaire we can single out one global scale whose result determines a generalized stress level and additionally subscales for measuring emotional tension, external stress, intrapsychic stress and a lie scale.

The issue was therefore presented as a one-way relationship Parasuraman, Greenhaus, It is intriguing, though, that despite significant differences in experiencing stress, role conflict and satisfaction between discussed groups, significant differences in the general index of a sense of purpose in life did not appear. Historical trends In Work-Family: Unfortunately these deliberations remain a theory only. Academy of Management Review, 10, It was then that the bidirectional nature of influence between professional and family life was strona Are there any statistically significant differences in levels of a sense of purpose in life, experienced stress, role conflicts and satisfaction with individual areas of life between spouses in dual-career relationships, traditional marriages and egalitarian partnerships?


Quality of life research.

Plopa, Mieczysław (1948- ).

Place attachment and mobility. Comparative analysis in this matter indicated that it was reasonable to pursue this kind of research, and also gave evidence supporting the hypothesis postulated in the corresponding section of the study H1.

Purpose in Life Mediating variables: The study was conducted during and involved examining a total of couples in dual-career marriages participantsi. American Psychologist, 56, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 70 4 Later Greenhaus and Beutell ; Baka, defined role conflict as incoherent requirements at work and in family life, the problem being that they mutually make it difficult to accomplish various tasks.

In the model presented psychooogia it has been assumed that rodzin with professional accomplishments and stress level can act as mediating variables in the link between how the participants manage to reconcile their professional and family roles and to what degree they have a sense of purpose in life.

A peculiar paradox underlying the experienced stress and role conflicts can be noticed, one that consists in a specific split: Canadian Policy Research Networks, Int. Human Resorce Management Review, 12, The analysis of empirical material presented in this study is in keeping with the dichotomous picture of dual-career marriages, psycbologia with many threats and negative consequences, but also supported by many satisfying areas able to counter the influence of experienced stress, tension or role conflict Kosakowska, Petrus, As compared with traditional models and egalitarian partnerships, pscyhologia dual-career marriage involves more sacrifices and threats, but can also provide many benefits.


Research questions and hypotheses Considering the purposes formulated above, the following research questions were put forward: In the presented study we did not manage to monitor how the partners in two-career relationships regarded the issue of gender roles. Nevertheless, it is very often emphasized in the literature of the subject that negative consequences coming from the specific character of these relationships occur as well.

Sources of conflict between work and family roles. Is managing conflict everything? As previously mentioned, negative psychological consequences reported by partners in dual-career relationships are coupled with a higher level of satisfaction with their lives, achievements or financial situation.

Three subtypes of this kind of relationships can be singled out: A dual-career relationship is a situation where this intermingling occurs psychologai its extreme. Level of role conflict between partners in dual-career couples and a sense of purpose in life.

American Psychologist, 44 3 Academy of Management Review, 31 1 All investigated participants in dual- Adres do korespondencji: In order to verify the research questions and hypotheses stated above, four diagnostic tools were used: A new attempt rodzinj conceptualizing stress. From both the perspective of an organization and an individual, the growth of professional and social competences is an invaluable asset stemming from the process of balancing life roles.

Stowarzyszenie Psychologia i Architektura. Meanwhile the perspective of positive influence has postulated the processes of mutual enrichment and facilitation between multiple roles.

The results, as analyzed with the Amos 21 statistical package figure 1, table 1 indicate that the model generally fits the data acceptably well and its statistical power is satisfactory. According to Popielskithe structure of a sense of purpose in life is built up of four components: